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Do you have something on which you want to get the opinion of others? Polling members of a community can be really helpful for figuring out what the right choice is. Maybe you are having an argument with your friends about something that is more of an opinion than fact? In that case, Wikipedia cannot serve as the argument solver, and you will need to turn to the opinions of others to see who might be right.

Thumb is the perfect iOS application for polling other users and getting a good amount of responses in a matter of moments.

get opinions

In order for an app like Thumb to work, it needs a large user base, and thankfully, Thumb has it. Within minutes, you will have enough responses to get a good feel for what the community at large thinks about your question. Of course, you can also participate in other users’ questions, which is how the community is able to function. You can vote with a thumbs up or thumbs down and you can leave a comment if it’s not a yes or no question.


Creating a question is easy. You simply enter your question and choose an image to go along with it. Once you finish it, you can go to the results tab to see what the community thinks about your question. It’s a lot of fun to get the opinion of a large group of people, and it can go a long way towards settling those difficult arguments.



  • Poll the Thumb community with any question.
  • Answer questions to help others.
  • Add images to your questions.
  • Get results in just a few minutes.

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