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There are a handful of reliable text sharing services like and which allow you to host text for free, anonymously if you would like. While such services perform the task of sharing prose passably, they’re arguably more suited to sharing code than long-form articles thanks to their sole use of pre-formatted, plain text. If you’re looking for a similar service to share an article or other long passage of text that needs to be readable, then try Throwww.


Throwww is the PasteBin of the formatted text world, allowing users to add a heading and body text before sharing their article either anonymously or by logging into Twitter. The interface is a very clean and minimalist blank canvas into which your text will go, and there is wiki-like text formatting that allows you to perform most basic HTML functions without the markup.

Instead Throwww uses simple asterisks and parentheses to insert bold and italic text, hyperlinks, bulleted and numbered lists, quotes, images and videos from the major video sharing sites.

When you’re ready to publish, hit the Post Anonymously button to simply share via a shortlink or Post With Twitter to connect your Twitter account and claim responsibility and credit for the article. Visitors will be able to comment on your article as well as favorite it or share via the included social media buttons. Oh, and it’s free for all!



  • Write or paste prose anonymously before sharing it.
  • Format your text for readability.
  • Add media like images and videos.
  • Login to Twitter if you would like to claim credit for the work.

Check out Throwww @

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  1. Keith S
    April 22, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    Who wants to publish anonymously UNLESS it is something they should not be writing? Oh, well, I guess it has a use I have not thought of. Thank you MUO!