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Do you want to know what your friends think about you? A fun way to find out would be to ask them to describe you in three words. This is precisely what the site “ThreeWords” helps you do.

your friends describe you

Three Words is a free to use website that helps you find out how your friends would describe you. You sign up for an account and then set up a simple webpage with a custom avatar and background image. You are provided with a public URL for your webpage, which you can share with your friends. When they visit it, they will see a page where they can describe you in three words. Optionally they can leave an additional note.

your friends describe you

On your Three Words dashboard you can see which words people use to describe you.

ThreeWords: Let Your Friends Describe You in Three Words three words2



  • A user friendly website.
  • Helps you find out how friends describe you.
  • Lets your friends describe you in three words.
  • Friends can optionally leave an additional note.
  • Lets you choose your own avatar and background images for the page friends visit.
  • Similar tools: SayAtMe, Failings and SpeakingFaces.

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