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locks Invites to private torrent sites are all but non-existent unless you know someone that knows someone. Yeah, they hold open registrations every once in a while, but it is usually only open for a couple of hours or a day if you’re lucky.

Usually, you find out about the open registration once it’s over, and that does nothing but make you mad.  Today, I’m going to let you in on three different ways to find your way to one of those golden registration codes.

Tracker Checker 2

Tracker Checker 2 is a desktop application that lets you check up the registration status of all those private torrent tracker sites.

tracker checker download

As you can see, Tracker Checker 2 comes with a lot of sites preloaded. Many of them are great torrent sites, so if you weren’t sure where to look in the first place, this list is more than good enough. However, you might want to add a few of your own favorites. Tracker Checker makes it easy to add other torrent sites.

private torrent websites


Just type in the name you want to call it and the signup URL. Next, you type in a string you want it to match. What this means, is Tracker Checker will search the URL you put in for the text you want. The easiest thing to search for would be something like “open signups,” because if Tracker Checker 2 finds that text, you know that you can signup for that torrent website.

Tracker Checker [Website]

If you don’t care for desktop applications, a mac user, or want the ease of an online site, Tracker Checker is an online utility that does just about the same thing as Tracker Checker 2.


As you can see, just like the desktop application there are already several sites added that keep track of their signup status. You also have the option to add your own trackers as well.

Invite Share

invite share logoInviteShare is a website that is all about the sharing of private and beta invite codes. All you have to do is register and put your name on the waiting list for the various sites they have listed. There are only a few torrent sites on this website, but they are the best of the best. If you already have beta invites from other sites, you can share them on this site. The more you share the more seniority you get when putting yourself on other lists.

private torrent invites,

This site has gotten me several private beta invites and is definitely worth checking out just for the private betas, much less the private torrent invites.

How have you gotten access to private trackers in the past? Photo by ellievanhoutte

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