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puzzleWith the start of a new week comes, once again, the countdown to the weekend. Not the most imaginative way to live your live, but then again, time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time ~ T.S. Eliot.

However, if we are to be killing time at work, what better way of doing so than to give our brains a good mental work-out?

Today, we’ll take a break from all those first person shooters and online multiplayer fantasies. Instead, MakeUseOf brings you an assorted compilation of three wonderful, yet challenging puzzle games.


A desktop recreation of the ever so popular Bloxorz flash game. The concept is simple: get your moving block to land vertically on the circular pad. Proceeding to do this is another matter – as special tiles, buttons and hatches will make your life miserable for the effort.


This game is guaranteed to bring you tons of fun, as you work your way through the 32 levels of the original game. However, you can now enjoy it in full screen without any distractions and play it offline as well.


Supported Operating Systems
Windows 95 to Vista

Known System Requirements
Pentium II® 400
5 MB Free Hard Drive Space
16 MB or Greater DirectX 7.0 Compatible 3D Graphics Accelerator


The creator of addictive arcade shooter mono surprises us again with DUOtris. Don’t get misguided by the title and looks of the game, because the concept couldn’t differ more from Tetris.

Your objective in the game is to piece together at least three blocks of the same color to eliminate them. Not only that, you’ve got mirrored zones with different colouring. That means, different coloured blocks moving dependently on both sides of the screens.


The only way you’re going to get through this is through a masterful combination of agility and compositional thinking. And of course, by deploying the various powerups, which are mixed with the other blocks.

Supported Operating Systems

Known System Requirements
DirectX 9.0b or higher (Download DX10/DX9)

Floating Islands Game

FIG, or Floating Islands Game, can best be described as an innovative solo Lemmings adventure. The game features code and artwork by Arvu Teikari (Hempuli) and has been praised already by innumerably on the web.

In the game, you guide a brain-dead guy through a series of floating islands, while collecting all the stars. However, direct interaction with the character is impossible and the only way of manipulating him is through the environment. So pull the switch, burn the rope, do whatever you can to get your little guy from one side to another.

There’s also a secret blue star in each level. You’ll need all of these blue stars to unlock and play the last five levels. It won’t be an easy task, but it’s sure as hell worth it.


FIG is an incredibly imaginative and addictive game, so prepare to loose complete track of time. The artwork won’t hold up to the Mona Lisa, but it’s a fun and playful style to depict the craziest of worlds.

Supported Operating Systems

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If you’ve got any other suggestions or comments, don’t be shy to share them below.

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  1. CiberWizZ
    May 27, 2009 at 5:36 am

    That's all cool and all, but as a geek and Linux user I'd love to enjoy it as well.

    Please think about us!! ;)