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Although there are many to-do lists and mind-mapping tools online, they still fail to attract fans of Post-It to switch over because Post-Its are still much simpler to use. Fortunately, Thoughtboxes is a cool online organizer that works like a Post-it. With this tool, you can list anything within boxes and have them laid out in a nice singular interface.

cool online organizer

The strongest quality of Thoughtboxes is its simplicity. As it is very simple, you can do anything with it, rather than boxing you in on a specific way of doing things. Once you sign up, you can start posting your “train of thoughts” which are basically the general categories for your dashboard. You can then add unlimited boxes within a train of thought with each box laid out nicely so you can see everything. You can also add notes within each box so as to better organize your thoughts.

Thoughtboxes’ flexibility allows it to become a to-do list, a repository for notes, a brainstorming tool, a list of reminders, and more. The tool can be shaped based on what your line of thought is and since it works as a virtual post-it, you can easily delete items when you do not need them anymore.

Thoughtboxes is a slick tool for productive people online. This useful web app is free up to three “trains of thoughts”. If you need more, you can unlock the limit with a very affordable yearly fee. If you work online a lot and want all your thoughts in one place, then you should check out this tool.



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