This Time-Saving Tip Helps You Correct Typing Mistakes in iOS
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Are you one of those people who, if you make a mistake when typing a message on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll just delete everything you typed after that mistake and start over? I am. And it’s an enormous waste of time.

It happens with typos or when the iPhone incorrectly autocorrects something — but rather than erase an entire sentence, just double-tap the word you want to change and your phone will offer up suggestions for what it thinks you might have meant.


In other words, you can quickly replace the typo, rather than waste your time rewriting the entire sentence.

If your iPhone isn’t offering relevant suggestions, you can always teach your iPhone to spell correctly. This little time-saving trick may one extremely simple way to type faster on your phone, but next time your fingers automatically reach for the backspace button, give it a try.

What other time-saving tricks do you use on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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