This Quiz Finds the Right Programming Language for You

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Programming is hard, and it certainly isn’t for everybody. If you’ve decided that you want to learn to code as a career, for a hobby, or just to add another skill to your life, you might be intimidated by the sheer number of languages available.

Using Codementor’s language finder tool, you can take a brief survey of your programming intentions and find what language best fits your skills. The site first asks you why you want to learn to code, then dives deeper into more questions such as what you want to develop (games, websites, mobile apps, etc.) and might even ask you which code snippet you prefer if it has trouble picking an exact match.

The whole thing only takes a minute or two, so you can easily get a recommendation without a lot of complex questions. Once you’re through, you’ll be presented with your ideal language and a bit of information on it.

You can also read why that language is best for you, including ratings on a scale from 1-5 on factors like beginner friendliness and career opportunities.

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There are other ways you can find out which language is right for you if you’d like a second opinion, but in general this tool is pretty accurate. If you want to make Android apps, you’ll need to learn Java; developers for Apple platforms learn Swift, and Web programmers need HTML 5 and JavaScript.

Now that you know which language to start with, improve your chances of mastery with useful tricks.

What language did you get? Why are you interested in learning to code? Share with us in the comments!

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