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You may already know that using Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can have their own limitations. For example, you cannot search for a tweet you posted 2 years ago. Gina Trapani of Lifehacker fame has developed a tool called ThinkUp that’ll help you change that. With this tool, you can take complete control of your data on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. It’s an open source web app that requires you to install it on your own server using MySQL and PHP. It helps you visualize your data, search for every minute detail, export it, analyze it and engage with your followers in a more effective manner.

control your social media

Individual users might not have a dire need for this tool right now but it looks like a must-have tool for groups and organizations. Installing it is simple, just follow the instructions here.


  • Own and work with your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ data.
  • Open source web-based tool, and free to use.

Check out ThinkUp @


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  1. mhawksey
    November 20, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    For people just wanting to archive twitter searches (and create a visual and interactive resource) and don't want to installs/use tools like ThinkUp then it possibly to do this with Google Spreadsheets