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Thinkmeter is an easy decision making tool which helps you quickly collect opinions from friends when you are stuck at something and can’t decide. The tool has a clean user interface and makes the entire process of creating, sharing and evaluating decisions hassle-free.

Here’s how it works:-

1. Create a decision, add a description and list the options. It automatically inserts relevant product/book links from Amazon in the options if your dilemma is about a particular book or a product. So the respondents can immediately see which book or product you are talking about.
2. A link is created which can be easily shared with friends and colleagues.

easy decision making

3. Friends rate and comment on your decisions. They don’t need to log in to do that.
4. Check the stats and the ratings and take the decision.

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  • Make decisions easily after taking opinions from friends
  • Easy creation and sharing of decisions
  • Amazon links inserted automatically in the decision options box
  • Check overall ratings and decide based on that
  • Similar tools: Zapproved and Hunch.

Check out Thinkmeter @

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