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Curating your stuff online is the cool thing to do these days, thanks to the popularity of Pinterest. Still, there are many ways to collect and share stuff with friends, and one app, Thingsly, lets you do it entirely from Google Chrome.


Thingsly’s interface is pretty simple. Once installed, you can click its toolbar button to save the pictures or the website to your collection. On the web app and within your Chrome extension, you can add in comments, thoughts, or questions to each item. You can then tag photos to your different collections.

Thingsly is also a great app to be social. You can start conversations, share links, and follow other people. The recommendation also shows cool collections that you might like based on your previous likes.

This app is great for anyone who wants to share stuff directly from your Chrome browser.


  • Collect and share images through Google Chrome.
  • Centered on collections instead of things.
  • Share collections with followers.
  • Find recommended stuff based on your likes and shares.
  • Seamless and fast as a Google Chrome extension.
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