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What happens when a person gets the wrong Twitter name? A handle that could easily be mistaken for celebrities? On Twitter, you are free to sign up with any handle that you please, as long as another user hasn’t already claimed it. So you could generate a cool screenname 4 Cool Screen Name Generators 4 Cool Screen Name Generators Read More that others envy, but you can also get in trouble without ever seeing it coming.

That’s life of some Twitter users. Their Mentions column goes crazy as random people tweet at them, mistaking them for their more famous counterparts, be it a celebrity, a brand or an entity. But thankfully, most of them have a sense of humour about it.

John Lewis – @johnlewis
Mistaken for: Department store chain John Lewis

Here’s the most recent case of mistaken identity on Twitter, and one whose recipient relishes it. John Lewis, a native of Blacksburg, Virginia, has become a bit of a Twitter celebrity after being confused with John Lewis, the retail store in the UK. The man was absent from Twitter for a few years, but after his comeback in August 2013, has been interacting with all the mistaken mentions with a dollop of good humour. Buzzfeed even wrote an article about him, and the retail giant appreciated his efforts so much, they got in touch to send him a gift!

Ashley Kerekes – @theashes
Mistaken for: Cricket tournament ‘The Ashes’


A 24-year-old from Westfield, Massachusetts, Ashley Kerekes didn’t know anything about the game of cricket until she joined Twitter. And then it happened. Her chosen handle, @theashes, coincided with the name of a prestigious tournament between England and Australia in 2010. Soon, her timeline was going wild, but she had no idea way. Slowly, Kerkes got to know more about the game, the tournament and took it good-naturedly. Her Twitter masthead is proof enough of that! And here’s the best part: Some friends started a hashtag #gettheashestotheashes and Qantas Airlines offered to fly her out to see a match in Australia! Not a bad result for a simple case of mistaken identity, eh?

Chelsea Henry – @chelsea
Mistaken for: Football club Chelsea

Continuing the sports confusions is Chelsea Henry. Her husband worked at Twitter and managed to snag one of the rare handles — a common first name. Little did she know that this would mean being barraged by fans of the Chelsea football club in England, which has a huge following across the world. Any time Chelsea (the team) is playing a match, Chelsea (mild-mannered photographer from San Francisco) has to bear with a timeline of abuses, cheers and everyone weighing in with their two cents. But there are enough people who know the real situation and make light of the matter to keep her cheerful about it.


Incidentally, if you like soccer, you should check out these 8 super websites for football fans 8 Super Websites For Soccer Fans 8 Super Websites For Soccer Fans A list of eight of the best websites all soccer fans should bookmark. Some specialize in news, others in opinion, some focus on goals, others on statistics. All are valuable repositories for the beautiful game. Read More .

RaviVisvesvaraPrasad – @rvp
Mistaken for: Football star Robin Van Persie

One’s a global football star who entertains millions of fans every week wearing a red football jersey in the English Premier League. The other’s a middle-aged corporate advisor in New Delhi who talks on the telecom sector. Robin Van Persie and Ravi Visvesvara Prasad couldn’t be more different if they tried, but they do have one thing in common: the initials RVP. And since Prasad has that as his Twitter handle, he is inundated with soccer fans tweeting at him during matches. It can’t be easy, but he enjoys the attention and has a fantastic sense of humour about it:

David Bieber – @Bieber
Mistaken for: Pop icon Justin Bieber

He might not be among the top 15 tweeting stars Top 15 Tweeting Stars & Celebrities You Really Should Follow Top 15 Tweeting Stars & Celebrities You Really Should Follow Read More , but teenage pop star Justin Bieber has been on Twitter for a while now. But on July 26, 2012, something strange happened. A young computer science student in New Jersey tweeted this:


Pretty soon, all the tweets tagged with @Bieber that used to go nowhere started landing up in David Bieber’s timeline. But David doesn’t mind the attention, and kind of thrives on it. “Mostly I get a lot of ‘I love you @Bieber!!!! <3’ messages that I use to boost my self-esteem even though deep down I know they’re not directed at me,” he told The New York Post recently. And he has some fun with it too…

Know Any Mixups?

I’m sure these are only some of the many such hilarious mixups on Twitter, so if you know of any, please share in the comments!

Image Credits: Mike Melrose Via Flickr

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  1. Andy
    November 19, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    @Natwest is a Natalie West and not Natwest, the largest bank in the UK. When the bank went offline briefly she was bombarded with angry tweets from customers.

    • Mihir Patkar
      November 19, 2013 at 6:45 pm

      Ha, that's awesome! Wish I had known about that one :)