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TheSixtyOne is a music site that is heavily focused on undiscovered artists. It’s like Digg for music. Apart from streaming songs users are also asked to vote on them. When you hear something you like, you can “bump” it (sort of like giving it thumbs up). The more bumps a song gets the higher it appears on the list. At the end of the day, good songs make to the frontpage. If some song you bumped earlier floats to the top, your bumping power goes up.


So if you’re looking for some cool undiscovered music tracks TheSixtyOne is the right place. You can either start from the front page and get on the hottest items straight away or browse down to songs from your favorite genre. Genres include Alternative, Blues, Classical, Dance, Electronic, Experimental, Folk, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Rock and Vocal.

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Some songs can be downloaded, others can be bought. Nonetheless all of the songs can be played online. There is also something like a shuffle button that will keep on playing selected and similar songs non stop. Which basically means it can be also used like a radio. Nice feature.

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