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At this point, you should no longer be clueless about hashtags. If you still are, stop reading this and move over to Justin’s simple hashtag guide #Clueless? Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Hashtags #Clueless? Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Hashtags Some people #use #them #for #every #freaking #word; others ignore them altogether. It might leave you wondering: what are hashtags even for? Am I using Twitter wrong if I don't use them? And are people... Read More . Now that you know the basic do’s and don’ts of hashtags, it’s time to put them to use. But with so many hashtags out there, how can you tell which ones are best to use? Which are actually popular, and which ones did you just make up? What do some obscure hashtags even mean?

Use the free tools below to discover, decipher and analyze hashtags for the best social updates you can get.



Tagboard is a beautiful service which aggregates hashtags from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,, Vine and Google+. Enter any hashtag you’re interested in to see its activity on any and all of these networks. You can use this to see how hashtags are used on different social networks, and get an idea of how often they’re used.

But Tagboard had another aspect, which gets quite interesting. If you log in using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (you need to do this anyway to view some of the search results), you can create your own Tagboard for any hashtag that’s still unclaimed.



When you do this, you can add your own description, link and avatar to the Tagboard, and share it with your friends or followers. Not only that, but when others search for this hashtag on Tagboard, they’ll see a “More Info” link which will lead to your link, whatever it may be. An interesting way to tie your name or website with a hashtag.

Read the full review of Tagboard for more interesting features.

Tweet Binder


Tweet Binder is an interesting service you can use to search for hashtag and keywords on Twitter. You must sign in with your Twitter account in order to perform a search. Once you hit the “Here We Go!” button, Tweet Binder will analyze tweets and create a “binder” with the results.

You’ll be able to see all the latest tweets using this hashtag (or term), and even search within the binder to narrow down the results. For example, I can search for “#chocolate” to find all tweets using this hashtag, and then narrow it down just to tweets that include the word “cake”. I can then add all these tweets to a new binder, and call it “Chocolate cake”.


There are other ways to easily filter the results, and you can even view a report for this hashtag telling you more about how it’s used, in what kind of tweets, and more. You can view activity charts for different date ranges, and learn much more about this hashtag than you’ve ever thought possible.


Ever encountered an obscure hashtag and had no idea what it meant? With so many hashtags out there, users and companies must invent new ones if they want to be unique, and between acronyms, slang and trending topics, it can become hard to track. Tagdef helps you out by defining all these hashtags for you.


Enter the hashtag you want to define, and Tagdef will provide a short description of its meaning. Anyone can add a definition to a hashtag, and each definition gets upvoted or downvoted by the users. At any given time, the definition you’ll see when searching for a hashtag is the one that’s received the most upvotes. You can scroll down the page to view the less popular definitions.

You can find out more about a definition and see some hashtag analytics by clicking the “Analytics and graphs” button.


While Tagdef is essentially aimed at Twitter, you can search for hashtags you’ve found on other social networks too. If they’re common, Tagdef will most likely have an answer for you. Tagdef is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, and in an international version.

Read the full Tagdef review to find out more. is the original Hashtags website, and is a great go-to place for general information about hashtags. The main page includes lists of trending hashtags, popular hashtags by category, and many useful links to articles and discussions. You can browse hashtags by categories, or simply search for a hashtag you’re interested in.

hashtagsorg shows a nice line graph and pie chart for each hashtag, as well as a short definition, related hashtags, and a list of users who use this hashtag often. It also shows related tweets. The free service is somewhat limited, but will still provide lots of useful information you can use. is a great resource for hashtag-related articles and discussions, and even more features will open up to you if you log in using Twitter or Google+.


Hashtagify gives you the above relation chart for every hashtag you search for. You can view each of the related hashtags’ popularity, as well as its correlation with your center hashtag. Click on a related hashtag to bring it to the center. You can browse hashtags by association this way, and discover interesting facts. If you switch to Advanced Mode, you can have two center hashtags at once.


For each hashtag, you can also view top recent tweets, top influencers, top languages used, and spelling variants for this hashtag. The service also offers a Beta program with more advanced analytics features which is currently available for free.

Which Hashtags Did You Discover?

Hashtags are a key feature to reaching a wide audience on Twitter Hashtags - The Key To Reaching a Wider Audience On Twitter Hashtags - The Key To Reaching a Wider Audience On Twitter Hashtags have made their way across social networks, but there is nowhere they shine more than on the social network where they first started - Twitter. The feature, first introduced by a Twitter user, has... Read More , and not only there. It’s becoming increasingly popular on many social networks, and is virtually booming on Instagram. But throwing 20 different hashtags out there without giving it a thought is not the right answer, and while it might get you going, if will eventually wear your followers out.

Get to know your hashtags. Find out which ones are best for your purposes. And if you want to be extra smart, use them in secret ways 3 Secret Ways To Use Hashtags You've Never Tried Before 3 Secret Ways To Use Hashtags You've Never Tried Before The basic purpose of a hashtag, of course, is to find a list of all posts about a certain topic, but why not take it out of the Web services that already integrate it, and... Read More too.

Did these tools help you discover new hashtags? What tools do you use to find out more about hashtags? Do you use hashtags on a daily basis? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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