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On the surface, credit cards seem to be convenient payment options. But by the time you are done paying off your debt, the real amount you pay is much higher than the amount paid by the card. To get an idea of the real cost of credit cards and see how big this difference is, pay a visit to “The Real Damage”.

The Real Damage is a free and highly useful web service. You can use the site to calculate an estimate of the actual amount you will pay whenever you make a payment through your credit card.

cost of credit card debt

You start by entering the amount you plan on paying with your card. Next you set up you card’s details in the right pane. Here you enter your card’s APR, the current balance, and minimum payment calculation formula. You can also opt to add a fixed monthly payment if there is one.

After setting your options, click on the “What’s the Damage?” button to see how much you will actually end up paying your credit card company for the amount that you entered.

real cost of credit cards



  • Check the real cost of credit card debt.
  • Shows how much you end paying your credit card company for a particular purchase.
  • Lets you add your own credit card’s details: APR, balance, and minimum payment formula.
  • Lets you add more than one card.
  • Lets you add a fixed monthly payment.

Check out The Real Damage @

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