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Using a regular clock to time your poker games may be quite inconvenient. Instead you should make use of a wonderful web poker clock called ThePokerClock.

web poker clock

The Poker Clock is a free to use online poker clock. You can easily use it to set up a time limit for your poker games. You set the countdown time in minutes. The next step is to select the initial blinds for your game.

poker clock online

After selecting the blinds you will be all set. You will be able to view the clock countdown and the blinds will be displayed alongside. When the time is up a ringing sound is played.

online poker clock



  • A user friendly web service.
  • A free poker clock online .
  • Plays a ringing sound when the time is up.
  • Provides a selection of different sounds to be played when the clock runs out of time.

Check out The Poker Clock @

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