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Here is a nice reference for plant lovers. ThePlantList is a growing, comprehensive scientific plant name dictionary of all plant species. Here, you can browse through more than a million plants categorized by their taxonomy. You can also view the entire plant list by family or genus, as well as find statistics based on the data from the website.

scientific plant name dictionary

You can go through ThePlantList by selecting the major plant groups which includes angiosperms, gymnosperms, pteridophytes, and bryophtyes. Then you can view plant families within each major group, and drill down to each genera. Each plant page has the naming details with their accepted specie name, as well as the status of names related to the plant. This is important in cross-referencing the taxonomy of these numerous plant names.

ThePlantList is great for quick checks of plant names. This is especially useful for students of botany, hobbyists, and anyone interested in how plants are named.


  • Comprehensive plant scientific name database.
  • Scientific names categorized by taxonomy.
  • View statistics of plant names from website data.
  • Know more about each plant naming and nomenclature.
  • Download sets of name results.
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