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Internet is an effective tool for doing research online. Be it your term paper, homework or any other assignment. While using information from the Internet is totally fine and even encouraged, copying content from online sources word for word is illegal and is punishable in most schools and universities. And more often than not, students copy contents off the Internet into their assignments and present as their own work.

The Plagiarism Checker is an online tool that allows anyone to check papers for plagiarism but is mainly aimed at school teachers, university professors and other educators. The site has something to offer both to students and educators. Students can use it to check their papers for missing citations before submitting them. Educators, on the other hand, may use it to check papers submitted by their student for plagiarism.

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If you are teacher or professor, go to to their website, cut & paste your student’s paper or homework into the empty box and click the “Check the paper” button. The plagiarism detector will find plagiarized text from your submitted text. You can submit as many papers as you want and it will check each one for plagiarism.

They also have a Premium version that costs $8/month. It offers more powerful detection with up 3 times the accuracy of the free version and lets you upload MS Word documents.


  • Online plagiarism checking tool
  • Aimed mainly at educators – school teachers, university professors
  • Check as many papers as you like
  • There is no registration required
  • Premium version – upload MS Word Documents, up to 3 times more accurate for 8$/month

Check out The Plagiarism Checker @ The Plagiarism Checker

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Anne Osman

In fact, you can get the same result from google. Just put your phase or sentence in quotation marks, and then past it into the search. I’ve been doing this for at least 15 years!



i used this for a paper i was writting and i got told that i had copied some work so i went back and changed it up and then tried it agagin and i was all clear.! :P

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