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When you are in a foreign land, you understand billboards and signs through the symbols they have on them. Certain symbols and signs are universal and communicate the same meaning. To get such symbols and use them in any project, you should pay a visit to The Noun Project.

universal signs

The Noun Project is a free and simple to use website that provides you with universal symbols. You can use these symbols in signs or your projects to communicate your message to people of all languages. People who speak a foreign language might not understand the text on your sign but these symbols will do the job. The site has a large collection of greatly useful and easily understandable symbols. Hovering the mouse pointer over these symbols presents suggestions where they can be used. You can click on a symbol to enlarge it.

universal symbols

With the symbol enlarged, click on the Download link in the top right to download that symbol. You can download a ZIP archive that contains the symbol in SVG format.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Collects and displays many universally understandable symbols.
  • Provides suggestions on where each symbol can be used.
  • Lets you download the symbols in SVG format.
  • Symbols can be used in your projects.
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Check out The Noun Project @

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