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TheInterviewr is an innovative service that makes recording telephone interviews hassle-free. It connects with Twilio and to get the job done. Twilio lets the tool connect to the telephone lines and both the interviewer and the interviewee get an SMS when it is scheduled to begin. Then, at a click the interview can start and be recorded., the cloud storage service, stores all of the notes and documents that the interviewer writes during the interview. Once all is done and finished, a recording is available instantly online.

record telephone interviews

Twilio works only in the US and Canada so I am assuming that this applies to theInterviewr as well. The site could be a boon for anyone who frequently conducts interviews over the phone and finds it difficult to keep track of what was said by the person on the other side.


  • Record telephone interviews easily.
  • Uses Twilio and

Check out TheInterviewr @


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