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With HDTV being one of the most popular buzz words in the consumer electronics industry, a lot of people get confused as to what is the difference between various HDTVs and which one should they buy. TheHDTVGenie is a slick new tool that can help you decide which HDTV will be best suitable for your needs.

The tool starts by asking you information about your room such as the level of brightness in the room, the wideness of the room and then jumps on to your primary intended use for the HDTV. It is one of the most important criteria since your TV choice can significantly differ depending on if you want it for playing games, watching movies or simply for regular cable. Additional questions ask if you are interested in 3D caapbility and the desired size for your TV. If you don’t know what size you want, the tool can suggest a size by just asking about the distance between your TV space and the wall. You can also specify if you want to mount your TV or put it on a shelf, and if sound and Internet capabilities are important to you.


Once you provide the information and indicate a price range, the tool then scans for thousands of TV choices and picks a few select that meet your specific criteria. You can also browse a wide selection of TVs based on their popularity and level of recommendations.



  • Find the right HDTV for your viewing.
  • Considers viewing area, capabilities as well as your needs.
  • Browse through popular or recommended TV selections.
  • Click on any TV to buy it through Amazon.
  • No registration required

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