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If you post your email address on your website or personal web profile, it will get crawled by spam bots and you are most likely to get a lot of spam. The EnkoderForm is an email address encryption tool that helps protect your email address from these bots by converting your address into an encrypted Javascript code, which is hidden from spam bots but visible to people.

There is a Basic Form for most users, and if you are familiar with HTML you can use the Advanced Form. Here is how it works:

Step 1

  1. Enter your actual email address
  2. Enter address you want to be visible to visitors
  3. Enter Link title and subject line (optional)
  4. Press “Enkode it”.

email address encryption

Step 2

You will get an ugly javascript code (see below). Copy it and insert it in the source of your HTML code. Done!


email address encryptor

Your site visitors will see this:

email address encryptor


  • Email address encryptor.
  • Protect your email address from spam bots.
  • Encrypt it into a Javascript code using Enkoder form.
  • Hides email from spam bots, shows it to real people.
  • Basic Form for most users, Advanced form for those familiar with HTML.
  • Free, no registration.
  • Similar sites: TheHTMLEncode, SpamProofEmailGenerator and HideText.

Check out TheEnkoderForm @

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