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Looking for a way to efficiently manage tasks and assign them to group members? If yes, then look no further. TheDeadline is one of the best collaborative task management solutions on the web that you can use for free.

collaborative task management

TheDeadline is a free website that can be used to manage your own to-do lists or to assign tasks to others. While creating new tasks you can use hashtags to add tags to each post and use the @ sign to assign tasks and to share them with other people over email.

All the people involved in a task are updated each time any change is made to it. When the task has been completed you can use the checkbox next to it to cross it off the list. A list of your to-dos is displayed on your dashboard.

collaborative task management software

On top of the list you will find filters that let you view tasks according to their tags, creator, or the person whom the task has been assigned to. You can filter the tasks using the panel on the right.


collaborative task management system

With its simple and effective functions, the abovementioned features work together and provide you with an excellent task management interface, whether the tasks are personal or group-related.


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