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Are you planning a movie watching day with your friends? If yes, then you need a tool that helps you plan your movie watching schedule for the day. TheaterTag is precisely that tool.

create movie schedule

TheaterTag is a free to use web service that provides information on movies being played in theaters near you. You start by entering your zip code and then selecting the theater you want to watch movies in. You also pick your movie watching day’s date. A list of movies is displayed with their respective IMDB links. You can add movies to your to-watch list and then rearrange them in a table to get an easily readable movie schedule, as shown in the image below.


The movie tags can easily dragged around for better organization. You can also get a simple timings view of the movies.

Through a unique URL for your schedule, your movie schedules can be shared across social networks with friends you plan on watching those movies with. The site also lets you print out your movies schedule.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you plan a movie schedule in a nearby theater.
  • You enter location via zip code.
  • You select from a list of nearby theaters.
  • You select the movies you would like to watch.
  • You easily plan the movie schedule.
  • The schedule is viewable through a public URL and is shareable across social networks.

Check out TheaterTag @

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