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The folks at The Weather Channel have issued a massive update for their iOS application that completely changes the way it functions. They have added a beautiful new feature where the background of the main screen shows an image that reflects the conditions. For example, if it is cloudy you will see clouds in the background. The moment you launch the app you will start seeing the changes.

The next addition to the Weather Channel iOS application is the way you navigate between saved locations. They took a page out of the default iOS weather app’s book and added the ability to swipe between your locations. This makes it much easier to find out the weather for any place you have stored on your device.

Another big aspect of this update is the social functions. Similar to the popular iOS app WeatherMob, you can use this app to share how the weather is impacting you, and even share photos related to the weather conditions. This makes the app more than just a place to come find out the latest weather conditions and what to expect in the forecast. This update makes it your one-stop weather app.

In addition to awesome social integration, another fantastic new feature of the Weather Channel’s new iOS app is the way you navigate the detailed weather view. You can now collapse it, which makes it easier to move around and find out more details about the weather.


Overall, this is a fantastic update, and one that will now make The Weather Channel the primary iOS weather application for many users.

Source: TheNextWeb

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