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As each day goes by, you probably hear more and more about impending flu doom, the Mayan calendar, climate change, more terrorist actions and conflict. I know I do.  Really, these things and events like them have hounded humanity as long as we’ve existed.  Whether you believe that they will come to pass or not, you may be asking yourself, “What could I do to be prepared… you know, just in case?”

I propose to you that thinking about emergency preparedness is a good thing, however thinking about personal disasters is a far more likely scenario. What happens if you lose your job? If a relative falls ill and needs your help? If there’s a flood or a hurricane or a tornado in your area? What if there’s just a strike in industries like shipping, groceries or such? Those are much more likely. Yet if you are prepared for those, you will be well prepared for just about anything else.

Here are some great emergency preparedness sites to get you started down that path, sensibly, sanely and in a way that can make your life better today.

5. Path to Freedom

The Dervaes family may not consider themselves preppers or the like, but what they have done with their home in Pasedena is, well, beyond words. On just a tenth of an acre, they have what they call a micro-farm that produces about 6,000 pounds of food annually. Really. It’s taken them 20 years to get to that point, but you can learn from their mistakes and experience. That’ll make your project go that much quicker!

It doesn’t really take turning your city lot into a slice of Eden to be prepared for everyday emergencies. Isn’t it inspiring though? If they can do this, surely you can cut back your reliance on the grocery store somewhat.

4. American Preppers Network

The only thing distinctly American about this site is the patriotism and overt love of freedom. That’s not a bad thing, though. Being a Canadian, it’s hard for me to swallow sometimes, but I guess that’s because we’re reserved peace keepers except when we knock each other’s teeth out playing hockey. That’s a joke, folks.


What’s probably most important about the APN is that it gives you a chance to get to know like-minded people in your state. Due to the number of contributing bloggers, some of the emergency preparedness advice may seem contradictory or have a flavour that is somewhat religious or political, possibly even tin-hatter in nature. Don’t let that scare you off as everyone there has, at their heart, the desire to teach, and learn more.

3. Family Preparedness Guide

James Talmage Stevens has stepped back into the role of mentor after having published his seminal work “Making the Best of Basics” 35 years ago. James shares his wealth of knowledge in the fields of emergency preparedness, survival and voluntary simplicity through re-publishing this book, but more importantly, through his weekly podcast. James may not be a spring chick, but you won’t hear that in his voice. You’ll hear a man who loves life and people and wants you to take care. There are no politics or religious talk on his show, as he doesn’t have time for that when he’s getting you ready. His motto is, “If you are prepared, the nature of the emergency doesn’t matter.”

2. The Preparedness Blog

Mike, Greg and Rob are a trio of friends who live the emergency preparedness lifestyle. Between them, they have years of experience in emergency services and the military as well as just being prepared. The blog is where they archive their show notes from, where they host a forum and a weekly podcast.

The information is solid and they provide useful tools such as their Preparedness Capability Checklist. The checklist is NOT a shopping list but rather a guide to help you assess what you are capable of doing in an emergency. This alone is worth checking out the site.

1. The Survival Podcast

Jack Spirko is a late 30’s man who has lived in many different states and served in the military in different parts of the world. Knowing just that, and that his site uses the word survival in it, you might think he was the locked in a bunker with an AK-47 and a bazillion rounds kind of survivalist. You know, like that guy from the movie ‘Tremors’. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Jack has built an incredibly strong, sensible and educated community of what he calls Modern Survivalists. The motto for his site sums up the philosophy beautifully. “Helping You Live The Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don’t.” Although there are ads on his site, don’t think this is just a money-making venture. In fact, it isn’t a money-making venture for most of these sites. They really do enjoy helping you!

In the forum, you’ll meet the Moderators. This phenomenal team volunteers so much time to keep the forum clean from spam and on topic, you’d think they were paid for it. Nuh-uh. Nothing but comraderie and passion for a logical lifestyle compels them. Absolutely amazing.

The podcast is done daily, for about 40 minutes and covers so many topics, it’s hard to see it as anything but an entire lifestyle. I think once you listen to a few of his shows, you’ll be hooked and well on your way to taking care of business. I know I am.

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