The Top 3 Online Multiplayer Games (MMO) For Youngsters

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multiplayer games for kids onlineGames play a pretty big part in our entertainment society these days, and kids can’t be kept out of it.

I can still remember my first computer days (which aren’t all that far behind me), which were mostly occupied by Paint and a few point-and-click kids games.

Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games emerged sometime afterwards, but since then it has spread at an astounding speed.

You can’t buy a game nowadays without looking at the ‘online functionality’, whether it’s a MMO-game or just one with an online mode added.

Today we’ll take a look at a very special part of that world – we’ll take a look at great multiplayer online games for youngsters!

Fusion Fall

This game by the Cartoon Network is one of, if not the best kids Massive Multiplayer Online game.

It’s a recently released browser-based MMO game that also offers paid subscriptions (with more worlds, more missions and more entertainment), but the free version is big enough to keep you busy for quite some time (with over 20 playable missions).

The game is located in the Cartoon Network Universe, which means you’ll be meeting all your favourite toons like Dexter, the Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack, and visiting places you’ve always wanted to go.

The world is under attack by aliens, and they need your help to stop it. They need more, and stronger recruits to fight them off. You can be the hero they need, you can make a difference.

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Though you won’t be able to play with any of the Cartoon Network characters directly, you’ll be fighting alongside them in the game.

fusion fall

Fusion Fall is primarily quest-oriented, which means that there won’t be much to do after you finish the main story and quests. However, with over 20 missions available in free play, and over 600 of them in premium play, there is more then enough to do to still your hunger.


Hello Kitty Online

A lot of young girls (even some boys) like Hello Kitty, the cute kitten, and a lot of them will just love this game.

It’s fair to call it mmo game for girls. After you’ve made your own character, you’re ready for the world of Hello Kitty. Go about and see Sanrio’s take on wonderful places like London, Paris, New York, and so on.

Hello Kitty Online- mmo games for girls

The world is filled to the top with Sanrio’s characters, like Hello Kitty herself, Chococat and My Melody. Together with all your favourite characters, you can venture on exciting quests and adventures, discover the beautiful world, and meet wonderful people.

This brand-based MMO game really pulled it off; it offers a great interactive world filled with plain fun. If there was only a way to lessen the cuteness, I’d advise the game for boys as well.


Disney’s ToonTown

Disney has a long history of kids entertainment. A lot of today’s young people grew up with Disney movies and cartoons. It also didn’t take long for Disney to get on the gaming train.

Some of the best film games were released by Disney, but they also made games that didn’t accompany a film release, one of them is ToonTown Online.

ToonTown Online is one of the first kids-oriented Massive Multiplayer Online games, and it’s a pretty entertaining game for youngsters.

disney toon town

You can create your own customisable toons, to solve quests, fight baddies and play tons of minigames.

Toontown has been out there for quite some time, so the game might seem a little bit aged from time to time. However, the minigames – which were originally created to offer a break from time to time – are still lots of fun, and probably also the most entertaining part about the game.


If you can recommend any other MMO games – or online games – for youngsters, please talk about them (and provide the links) in the comments section. We’ll be sure to check them out!

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Nathan Kline

My 10 year old daughter loves Club Penguin. Its more of a casual MMO and is probably a lot smaller than some of these but for kids that may not be huge gamers is a fun online world.

Simon Slangen

Thanks for the tip!


simon i would lik to no wat sort of tip u hav been givan so plz let ma no.


i hate toontown



should try great game for free or paid the free version is regularly updated it has over 20+ free missions.
paid version is only 13 a month for over 100 missions and lovely scapes.

Simon Slangen

True, I wasted quite some time and had more than a few sleepless nights for this game :-D


this is probobly the best game on earth,ive played for 4 years,and i’m still playing about 4 hours a day.i will be a member very soon,mebers get lots of benifets,its more of a medival stratagy fighting fun masive multiplayer online strategy game.tons of items that you can use.membership is around $8.00 a month.



new one here:



you should try this games called short just put



i am 11 and i don’t like club Penguin and toon town Fusion Fall and one Hello Kitty i like war games and chating to people and where i can just walk around use items and like make friends and fight oh yea and gangster games (*_*)



i am 11 years old i hate hello kitty and toontown. Oh yeah i hate fusuin fall too but i love to play club penguin


Michael Luttik

This site is focussed on MMO games for youngsters. Has a pretty nice selection of MMO Games per category: pets, girls, action, fantasy, minigames etc.



There is a game called Florensia, lot’s of magic, fighting and more, and I’m sure you’ll like it. I do, it’s really fun and it’s free!



LoLz I am Not The Best Gamer But I know Good Online Multiplayer Games I Stood Playing Them For 2 Yrs Try Them, you could enter from these websites to the rest of the TQ Company Games Good For Only Proffissional Gamers And If U Live in southest america or europe is the best choise (I wish i was europeen but i am egyptian good luck for online fantasy tennis and technology guns adventur online multiplayer games



i play lots of games and im 12 now and for adventure quest u only put not



there is another game like florencia but better it is called dragonica it is fun and it just came out it is sooo awesome you can also try,,, (allen and stiny are the retros of or try


Mark Mattock

I am an multi-player game addict and have played many many games online. Just to name a few – Dark Orbit, Eve, 2 Moons, 9 Dragons, etc… But these games are not as interesting or challenging. I don’t know maybe these games are meant for little kids.


Joe Henry

The game Maplestory has kept my children occupied for 3 years. they say that it is the best game ever!



well toontown and hello kitty is retarted like for 7 and under.Im 11 yrs old fusion fall is ok maplestory is find maplestory put and clic maplestory it also has combat arms!


Maria Antnonva

i love to play world of warcraft because the classes r warrior,paladin,rouge, priset, death knight is for 55 lvl charcter and the lich king , warlock ,mage

Maria Antnonva

i play on my bro’s account and i’m 11

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