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The Top 3 Apps to Batch Rename, Convert & Resize Photos (Windows only) gearsWhen working with a lot of files, it can be useful to append some sort of pattern in naming, size, or otherwise. However, you’ll often get a lot of these mixed up. Even more so when working with huge batches of pictures.

If you want to attain some order, editing those pictures is necessary. If you’ve got a somewhat decent collection, this can be a long and tedious task – unless you use a batch processing application.

These ‘batch applications’ can process your pictures automatically, editing an incredibly big batch of files with the click of a mouse. These kind of editing macros can save you a lot of effort, and makes the (practically) impossible possible.

Batch Renaming – Rename Master

A batch renaming application will append the same naming structure on all of your files. This is one of the most prominent reasons for batch processing; to change those damn ugly and incompatible filenames into something useful.

batch picture rename

Rename Master is the king of the (freeware) rename applications. Not only can it create new nametags for whole folders at once, more flexible naming schemes can be composed to reuse previous parts of the filenames, or even use metadata like the dates those pictures were taken. Too fancy? Just jot down a fancy name with a numbering prefix or suffix.

As a surplus, Rename Master can also be used to rename other types of files.


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Batch Resizing – Photosizer

Fotosizer will – as the name implies – resize all of your pictures. You can do this by defining a percentage, or by supplying maximum width and height dimensions. Alternatively, you can also use a preset size, to prep your images for custom displays, like a PSP or iPod. A tool like this is especially handy if you’re working with extremely high resolution photography, and want to create some lighter, screen-friendly duplicates.

batch picture resize

Fotosizer is nice on the eye, and has an easy to use interface. If you want, you can also use Fotosizer to rename your pictures, although I find it less advanced and more complicated to use than Rename Master.

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Mac fanatics might want to check out Jackson’s post on Pixer.

Batch Convert (+ Resize) – PicSizer

PicSizer is actually a resizing application (who would guess?). Nevertheless, It doesn’t offer any advantages over Fotosize – except conversion functionality. In this article, I will regard solely PicSizer as such – a tool to lift images from one filetype to another, because to be honest, it does this better than most other freeware batch conversion applications.


PicSizer supports a few file formats, including about all the popular ones; JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, TGA and PNG. The application can also convert images between these formats. If you choose JPG or PNG – which I advise – you can even choose your compression ratio.

With these three tools, you should have pretty much all of the batch image manipulations covered. Note that not all of these applications are excessively present in the freeware world, and we had to look at a resizing app to get decent conversion functionality. If you know of any other – perhaps better? – batch processing tools, you can tell us in the comments section below.

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