The Top 10 Sci-fi Romance eBooks On Amazon [MUO Book Club]

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Following the success of books such as The Time Traveller’s Wife (later adapted into a movie) the sci-fi romance genre has been booming, with many authors releasing works concerning time travel, aliens, space operas and futuristic habitats – all featuring romances.

While not a new aspect to sci-fi, romance was classically a feature of the genre rather than a strong-enough aspect to drive the story; however as more women become interested in sci-fi, so the romantic elements have been enhanced, to interesting effect. No longer simply a mirror on the way we live, these sci-fi titles are a mirror on the way we feel…

The following sci-fi romance eBooks can be downloaded for no more than 99c from Amazon’s Kindle Store, Smashwords or Barnes and Noble’s Nook store. Note that prices are subject to change, and were accurate when the article was published.

Daughter of Time: A Time Travel Romance by Sarah Woodbury

Following The Time Traveller’s Wife, the sub-genre of epoch-spanning love stories has exploded. Sarah Woodbury cleverly constructs a fascinating tale of a woman who slips through time and helps a Welsh prince against his enemies while – naturally – falling in love.

The result is a union that somehow survives despite the obvious problems and differences between Meg and Llywelyn’s cultures.

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You’ll find this title available free from the Amazon Kindle Store.

Empire: In Her Name by Michael R Hicks

The Kreelan Empire is populated by female warriors with blue skin, fangs, talons and unimaginable technology yet they fight with swords. Reza Gard finds himself swept into a conflict with the empire and its desire to fight in the name of its empress.

Naturally, he does so by encountering a few of the Kreelan’s in a slightly unusual, cross-species sort of way. Hicks’ book is best described as a sci-fi sword-and-technology tale with added romantic elements but is certainly a very enjoyable read.

Available free, you can download this book right now from the Amazon Kindle Store.

Re:union by Eric Liu

This personal, existential tale by Liu can be downloaded free from Smashwords and is best described as a science fiction romantic disaster story, which attempts to explore what it means to be human.

Like many low-cost eBooks, Re:union is a short story rather than a full-length novel. This doesn’t detract from the impact of the tale, however, simply the time in which it takes to read it.  If you’re a fan of catastrophic disaster stories with a romantic and human edge, this eBook is for you!

FREEDOM: The Rake & The Recluse by Jenn LeBlanc

Part one of a six part serial, the blurb text of this book (“A man stifled by propriety. A nemesis determined to take her away“) reads like Pride and Prejudice, and the similarities do not end there.

Francine Larrabee somehow moves from the 21st century to a past era when women were regarded a little differently. While there, this one-time self-sufficient businesswoman must somehow make sense of her situation while avoid being married off to a rakish chap, the villain of the piece.

Will the recluse, Gideon, help her? Or is Francine’s future in her own hands?

Available for 99c, you will find The Rake and the Recluse ready to download from the Kindle Store.

Viridis – A Steampunk Romance by Calista Taylor

The steampunk genre has been a popular home for tales set in the past with unlikely technology dotted around, but there has yet to be a breakthrough steampunk romance – Viridis might just be that book.

Lady Phoebe Hughes has developed a hugely popular elixir but the interest from London’s elite leads to her becoming the target of special agencies and con men. Following the murder of a notable peer, Phoebe hangs her hopes on the returning scoundrel Seth Elliott, with whom she has previously had a relationship. With intrigue and suspicion throughout, this is a thrilling and passionate read.

Viridis – A Steampunk Romance can be downloaded free from Barnes and Noble’s Nook store.

Vallar by Cindy Borgne

Depending on which futurist scientists you talk to, in the future we could all be living in homes constructed from bio-engineered trees or occupy cities housed in large biodomes, supposedly useful for colonising planets such as Mars.

The latter is the starting point for Vallar by Cindy Borgne, in which Ian Connors encounters Kayla, an agent of an enemy faction via a remote viewing session. Connors’ job is to check the planet for enemy faction bases, and Kayla strikes him as being someone very important to his future…

You’ll find this great story available from the Kindle Store for just 99c.

The Overtaking by Victorine E Lieske

Hidden lives and suppressed memories, fake friends and holographic worlds – it’s all here in this thrilling tale from Victorine E Lieske in which Shayne Bartlet slowly discovers that he’s not really a student in the Midwest – he’s not even human – but the centre of a vast interplanetary conspiracy.

Vowing to expose the truth, Shayne plans to set his people free and expose and stop The Overtaking.

This great book is currently free for Kindle devices, so download it today!

The Festival On Lyris Five by Nick Daws

A science fiction tale with its roots firmly in the more traditional starting point of a spaceport bar, pilot Rick Barrett is playing poker with an alien cauliflower. It’s mad, seemingly grounded in the sort of sci-fi that Douglas Adams brought us 35 years ago, but with the introduction of Julie Halloran The Festival On Lyris Five brings a new adventure for Barrett, one that could make him very rich – or very dead.

Available for 99c you’ll find The Festival On Lyris Five ready to download for all popular formats at Smashwords.

No Words Alone by Autumn Dawn

This well-regarded tale tells the story of a young translator (Xera) who is stranded on a hostile alien planet where she finds herself given a tough choice.

Should she trust her own crewmates or listen to the noble commander from the race who shot down their craft? To find out, you’ll need to read this science fiction romance; although you’ve probably got an idea as to which way Xera turns, you’ll find that there is much more to learn from this addictive tale.

You’ll find No Words Alone free in the Barnes and Noble Nook store.

A Confederate Yankee In Miss Annabelle’s Court by Rob Shelsky

Another time traveling romance story, A Confederate Yankee In Miss Annabelle’s Court sees Annabelle discovering a doorway through time into which she finds herself surrounded by the American Civil War. Encountering Seth, Annabelle wonders if this soldier might be the man of her dreams – if indeed any of it is real – but has she arrived too late to stop him from dying in battle a few days later?

You’ll find Rob Shelsky’s science fiction romantic short available for just 99c from Smashwords.


Remember, prices for these great titles are always subject to change, so if you want to read and enjoy them, act quickly! Simply follow the links to the appropriate store and download the eBook to your computer or reader.

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