The Top 10 Grocery Coupon Websites for Cheapskates

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forsaleThe first step in the process of saving a fortune on your grocery bill is simply accepting the fact that you’re a cheapskate. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about and it’s certainly nothing to hide. Back in my University days I would surf the Internet (which was very young at the time) for whatever grocery coupon websites I could find, in addition to scrounging through the Sunday newspaper for a very limited collection of grocery coupons. The problem back then was that any grocery coupon websites you could find had probably less than a dozen offers, and most of the websites amounted to nothing more than email collection buckets so that they could turn around and resell your email address to spammers.

Fortunately, the Internet has evolved since then. Today, not only do you not have to put scissors to newspaper anymore, but most of these online grocery coupon sites accumulate manufacturer offers from everywhere and provide them to you in a convenient list that you just select and print in minutes.

Selecting the Best Grocery Coupon Websites

Considering the volume of websites out there that tout themselves as the best money-saving website for groceries, I’ve decided to put together a simple list of sites that are truly the tried-and-true spots that you should check every week to save a fortune on your grocery bill. For starters, MakeUseOf has already covered a number of top coupon websites including:

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  • GroceryGuide, which lets you find the best grocery deals from stores and malls in your local area
  • ShortCuts from AOL, with the convenience of electronically loading all coupons directly to your grocery store loyalty card (no need to carry coupons around!)
  • CouponChief, with thousands of retail store coupons. Why buy baby products from a grocery store when you can save $5 off diapers or formula at

Check out all of MakeUseOf’s grocery resources for other offers and tools for saving money on groceries.

While those resources are excellent, I wanted to put together a definitive guide of grocery coupon websites for other cheapskates out there like me. I no longer bother with using scissors on the Sunday paper – there are much better money-saving resources on line, and they take far less time.

The Big Three

Every grocery coupon hound should know that currently there are three major resources for most of the coupon deals on the Internet. These are three of the earliest websites that started the online coupon craze, and they are now the three that “feed” most of the offers for other, smaller offshoot websites. If you want the access to all of the deals, it’s best to just go straight to the source. is the first major site you should always check for the best manufacturer coupons. These are mostly non-location specific, meaning they’re available nationally (U.S. only).

couponscom is the place anyone should begin their quest, since this is the site that feeds most others. One brief search just now turned up 112 offers to sort through and print.


The next major grocery coupon site that feeds data to other sites is¬†The cool thing about SmartSource is that you can type in your zip code and get offers from the local “circulars” that are normally sent inside local newspapers.


It just doesn’t get much more convenient than that. If you click on the “Coupons” tab at the top, you can review nationally offered coupons as well, but the thing that really sets SmartSource apart from the other “big three” is the fact that you can get these offers from local circulars.


The final major coupon site that’s been around for quite a while is ValPak. ValPak, like the other two, offers its own list of national manufacturer coupons customized by zip code.


Letting Others Do Your Research

So why don’t people just visit the big three coupon sites and call it good? Because the Internet is so filled with information now, no single website holds all of the best deals. To save the most on your groceries, you’d need to hunt through all three “source” coupon sites, as well as hunt the web for exclusive coupons and offers that are only offered at manufacturer websites and nowhere else. That can take a lot of time and effort. Luckily, there are people out there who love doing this kind of research so much, that they’re willing to do it for you and offer you the fruits of their research.


The Penny-Pincher Gazette is one of those resources. All data at the PPGazette are collected from the three major sites listed above. Membership is free, and every week you can quickly review the best deals (including from local circulars) without having to visit multiple websites to find them.



Another very popular website that I am not ashamed to admit that I visit very often is CouponMom is run by Stephanie Nelson who was featured on Oprah, The Today Show and other talk shows, because she offers the service for free as an effort to help stamp out world hunger. By helping people save money on groceries, she’s hoping to encourage people to donate to hunger organizations through her “Cut Out Hunger” initiative.


Her website is easily one of the most comprehensive collections of deals from not only “the big three,” but also many hard-to-find offers from all throughout the Internet. If you choose only one website to visit before you do your grocery shopping, this one should be it.

Unique Grocery Coupon Websites

Sometimes, the standard coupon sites don’t really offer what you’re looking for. Maybe you have different tastes than most people, or you’re more interested in natural products. There are specialized sites that offer coupons for you too, if you know where to look.

Mambo Sprouts

One of those is Mambo Sprouts, a website dedicated to offering you coupons on organic foods.


At last glance, Mambo Sprouts offered two pages of coupons, as well as some cool articles and an entire community section where you can hook up with other folks who are into natural and organic living.


A last site that deserves mention, simply because it’s giving “the big three” a run for their money, is¬†RedPlum offers visitors with free exclusive offers based on your zip code.


In other words, if you can’t find it elsewhere, you might find it at RedPlum.¬† As you can see, the Internet now offers an abundance of opportunities to shave hundreds off of your grocery bill every month. It seems inconceivable that anyone would go grocery shopping without coupons when there are so many free offers out there (free money, basically) available for the taking.

Shop online? Be sure to check out a list of sites by Sharninder to help you save money while staying on your couch!

If you shop with coupons, do you know of any other great free grocery coupon websites? Share them in the comments section below.

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lol, listing the top 10 coupon websites without mentioning is insane. they have thousands of coupons for every store.


I think you may of missed this:

I challenge you to find a more comprehensive source of printable coupons online.


how about a comprehensive database of all coupons? Printable, snail mail, Sunday paper, and more… provides a complete database of coupons and sale & coupon match ups for every grocery store.

Ryan Dube

There are actually a lot more sites out there that offer retail coupons – for this article I really tried to stick with sites that exclusively offered (mostly) grocery coupons. Although I definitely agree that is a fantastic site for coupons overall.



You missed one of the best sites out there for saving money – not by providing coupons, but by telling you which coupons to use when, at what stores. Sounds odd, but it works – at one point a couple of years we were buying carts of groceries for 20 to 30 dollars.

Anyway, check out

Ryan Dube

Thanks Andy – I almost did add to the list until I got to the membership page. For this article I wanted to focus on free websites, it appears that charges a membership fee.



If you like freebies then I would like to recommend my site:



There are so many more small coupon sites that list the coupons and promotions for the local smaller franchises and private owned local stores.

The site list above either charge expensive fee or simply make profit by listing the affiliate links. They are nice, but small business don’t get list.

One of the new coupon site targeting local stores is
(” rel) Print Local Coupons! Shop Local Stores!, which don’t discriminate any local businesses in terms of size and location. It’s all about buy local for local.

If you look closely, RedPlum includes local coupons from ValPak and MoneyMailer and other local coupons, which will be my first choice to locate local coupons. However, they seem to ignore some local coupons in certain categories. Not sure why.



I agree with Franko. is the first website I check when searching online for coupons or coupon codes.



I actually use RedPlum for getting local stuff like Pizza coupons. In my area they have more than ValPak



I selected grocery coupons but before printing needed to install software. No thanks!! This software is not necessary to print the coupons; I don’t know what the deal is but one cannot be too careful.

Ryan Dube

Hi Judy – yes, that’s, and they do make you install software. While I don’t see it as necessary, I’ve used it and as far as I know the software isn’t malicious, however your approach of avoiding downloading and installing just any random software from websites is a very smart approach.



Hey Ryan, this top ten list is fantastic, thanks for all the recommendations. is the obvious choice and I find that they generally ave the widest variety and user friendly website. You can post this to our site and link back to your site. I noticed that you writing other top 10 lists and top whatever lists. We are trying to create a directory for top ten lists where people can find your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

Ryan Dube

Hey Vince – cool, thanks for the heads up on your site.



Unfortunately, my local grocery store has a no-internet printed coupons policy. They flat refuse anything that even looks like it was printed at home. So, none of these sites do any good for people around here.

But, they do have some great coupons, if you can use them!




I think local businesses have the rights to not honor the coupons. You won’t believe that there are people faking the coupons in order to save money. They use photoshop to change 10% to 20% off or reprint the coupon over and over again.

Some of the grocer coupons found on those top 10 sites don’t work well. They are either expired or can not be used twice or even require to download priority software to print coupons.

There are two other recommended soruces. If shopper don’t mind to spend a small fee every month, they can print tons of coupons from with paid membership. Over all, it will save some money. Not sure how local businesses pay for those services though. on the other hand is free to shoppers and no software to download. It’s also free for local businesses at the moment. It’s a geo location (zip code) based coupons site.



Please consider promo code, coupon code search engine



For Publix BOGOs matched up with coupons, check out She also matches sales with coupons for Target and Winn Dixie. AND she provides the links for printables right there with the entry. Convenient and free.



What about the literally hundreds of blogs that match up coupons with sales? It’s great to have the coupons, but even better to know how to use them to get the absolute lowest price. For anyone in NC, my blog, lists deals for Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and Ingles, as well as deals for national stores like Wal-Mart and Target. Check out and their Grocery Gathering for a list of blogs that do coupon match ups for other stores.



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Nitesh Mundra also provides some great freebies discounts and though still in it tender stage i think its a great site with huge potentials for free coupons and promo offers


Robin Gingerelli

There are some sites out there that you can buy coupons at a very minimal price. One of the best is
If you didn’t know different parts of the country get different coupons and/or different amounts on the coupon. If you go to this site you can find coupons for almost anything and get super fast shipping.I take the sale ads on Sunday make my shopping list.I match up the coupons from my local paper then I go to and see if they have coupons for things on my list I don’t have coupons for.In a few days I have the coupons and then go food shopping and save tons. If you hit a triple coupon or a coupon special where you can double up to a $2.00 coupon then you can really make out with this site. Check it out>



Try its a great site.



Coupons are a way of life for me, if i don’t have a coupon, i feel like I’m just throwing money away! Thank you very much for the list! Another website that i find myself using all the time now is they post some pretty hard to find grocery coupons, promo codes, and other free stuff. Does anyone else have any websites they use all the time that arent listed?



Have you ever heard of they have a ton of coupon and the grocery match up.



my top 3 for this holidays is:

And of course for books:



If you are located in the southeast region is the most helpful i have come across. Jenny really works very hard for us so show her some love..I guarantee you will love this site.


sam @ groceries

The Brands you Trust and Use Everyday costs less with My Harvest America!

sam @ groceries


Aneesh Paranjay


Thanks for sharing superb article about The Top 10 Grocery Coupon Websites for Cheapskates. This is very useful information for online blog review readers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

Aneesh Paranjay,


alan smith

Yes retailmenot is top and I sometimes get deals on



Now a days is one of the best # top 10 list. They providing coupons of 300+ stores in india.



you guys also check

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