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cooking appsThere are very few cooking lovers who can look past a decent recipe application for their phone. Most of us are always keen to find a new application which will let us browse great recipes and cook with our phone or tablet in front of us as a guide. But since you probably already have a few favourite recipe apps on your phone, we’ve decided to review a couple of the best cooking apps, with a few complementary apps to help you with the actual cooking.

What else do you need other than the recipe? Well, recipe unit converters and timers. How many times have you found the perfect recipe online only to realise you have no kitchen scales and no idea just how much flour you need for 50 grams? Or how many mL water is in a cup? With people worldwide using such different measurements, you’re bound to come across it on occasion. Here are the best cooking apps to have on your Android, ready for your kitchen.

Kitchen Timer

Most people have at least one timer in their kitchen. But what do you use when you’ve got a few different things that need to be timed all at once? Kitchen Timer is an application that will let you set three different timers at different times. If you regularly need a certain time set, you can save a length of time as a preset. The alarm itself is controlled by Android, so ensure the phone isn’t on silent. The timer screen is clear and self-explanatory, so it’s easy to view from a distance and keep track of things. If you switch to another application while the timer is counting down, it will still alert you with the alarm sound and a pop-up.

cooking apps

Recipe Convert

So, you need to know what 250 ml is as US fluid ounces? Or you need to know that AND double the recipe. No problem – the Recipe Convert cooking app will do all that for you. Basically, whatever conversions you need to make this app will make them for you. It will even convert to and from decimal values to fractions, so if you prefer to write 1/3 Litre it will let you do this instead of forcing you to write 333.33 mL. Essentially this app will let you take the amounts you see in your recipe and convert them to values you can use with the tools in your kitchen. It’s easy to use and incredibly handy for any cook.

cooking apps for android


Egg Timer

Cooking the perfect egg will never be a problem again using this handy Egg Timer app. It lets you enter in the exact way you like to eat your eggs, the starting temperature of the egg, the size of the egg and even your altitude, which you can calculate with your GPS. Egg sizes can be measured in EU classes, US classes or RU classes, and all units can be adjusted to your liking. The timer assumes that you will put the egg into boiling water at the same time as you start the timer, then keep the egg submerged in boiling water until the timer goes off. Perfect eggs – who could want more?

cooking apps for android

Big Oven

All good recipe apps need to have great pictures, else most people would never even notice the best recipes. Big Oven delivers on this front, offering some fantastic droolworthy pictures to make you ready to cook EVERYTHING. It also helps you to write your grocery list so that you know you have all that you need. The recipes are nice and clear and comments are accessible if you want to tweak it with suggestions. The app also rotates with your phone or tablet, which is good if you’ve got your Android device on a stand and you’re trying to read the instructions.

cooking apps for android

Recipe Search

Recipe Search is a cooking app by which is a gorgeous way to browse recipes and cook. In fact, all the important things are present in this recipe app: browsing feature; search feature; rotation; grocery list; bookmarking favourites; comments; photos; and much more.

cooking apps

More Food Apps For Android

There are plenty more great food-related apps we’ve previously featured on MakeUseOf. If you’re keen to read more, check out: Evernote Food; Epicurious Epicurious: A Free Recipe & Shopping List App [iOS, WebOS, Android + More] Epicurious: A Free Recipe & Shopping List App [iOS, WebOS, Android + More] Thanks to services like Epicurious, discovering new recipes and food is easier than ever. Now that the website has rolled out a full course of applications for various mobile platforms, this wealth of tasty knowledge... Read More ; ChefTap Cook Amazing Food From Anywhere On The Web With ChefTap For Android [2.1+] Cook Amazing Food From Anywhere On The Web With ChefTap For Android [2.1+] Food and smartphones can be a fantastic combination, and I don't mean you should stir-fry your Droid. Some of the more recent Android smartphones have large screens (4.3”), and some even come with their own... Read More ; 4 great recipe apps The 4 Best Recipe Apps for Android Phones The 4 Best Recipe Apps for Android Phones One of the problems many families have today is that no one really has time to make dinner. It's hard to plan out the meals - so when dinner comes, it's hard to cook when... Read More ; and 5 great restaurant apps 5 Helpful Apps for When You Can’t Decide Where to Eat 5 Helpful Apps for When You Can’t Decide Where to Eat Can't decide where to eat? Then you need at least one of these apps. Read More .

What’s your favourite app to help you cook? Which recipe apps do you use?

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  1. Jeffrey Zabala
    February 10, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    Awesome. I'm downloading Recipe Search now. Thanks

  2. Aleksandra Huey
    February 9, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    Thank you for the good cooking collection, especially egg timer

  3. Mac Witty
    February 9, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    Nice collection - will save it and look forward to try them out very soon