How To Make a Logo Easily with Microsoft Word

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msword I often like to make pages on my website and to make them look good, I like to put a logo at the top, saying what the page is about. But I don’t have Photoshop and I don’t have the time or patience to work out how Gimp works. So I make my logos in Microsoft Word and when I’m finished, the end result is actually not that bad.

I’m sure there are others out there who would like to make a reasonably good looking logo for their website but they don’t have the time, patience or money for Photoshop or Gimp. So here’s how to make logos with MS Word.

Set the text

Open a new Word document (obviously!) and type in the text you would like to see in your logo.

For this example, I will use the words “Mark O’Neill’s Page” (not very original but enough to get my point across). Then make the writing fairly big (you can increase or decrease the size later – at this stage, you’re just putting in a placemarker text to work with) and choose a font.

The last thing to do here is to hit enter several times so the cursor is not flashing anywhere near the text. You don’t want an image of the cursor inside your finished logo.

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The next thing to do is to put that text inside a box.   In Word, you need the menu bar called “Tables & Borders”. It looks like this (in Word 2003) :

how to make a logo with word

If you don’t already have this small toolbar installed in Word, then it’s easy to find it. Just click on the little arrow at the end of an existing toolbar like so :


That then brings up a little tooltip called “Add Or Remove Buttons“. That leads to a few options – choose “customize“. When this box appears on the screen, scroll down until you find “Tables & Borders”, tick its box and press close.


A new toolbar should now have appeared on your screen. You can drag it up to the top next to all the other toolbars to make things neat and tidy.

OK, back to the logo.

Enclose the text inside the box

This is quite easy although you may need to fiddle around with the design until it’s to your satisfaction. If it doesn’t look right to you, you can do the key combination CTRL + Z which will reverse your last action.

First, highlight your text with the mouse (very important). Then go to this button and click it –


That then puts your text inside the box.


Now that looks a bit narrow so click your mouse inside the box and press enter at the top and bottom of the text to make that box look a bit more roomy (unless you want a narrow box that is).


So that is your basic logo. Now it’s time to tweak and it and customize it.

While you are increasing / decreasing the font, changing the font and generally trying out different looks, you can also add images to the box to give it that extra personalised touch. But before we get onto that, let’s take a look at changing the border size.

Changing the border size

Highlight all the text again in the box, including the two “enter” spaces you put in either side :


Now go to this drop-down menu in the “Tables & Borders” bar and choose which border you would like.


Then go back to this button and click it. This will apply your new border –


If you don’t like it, do the key combination CTRL + Z and it will be reversed. Then try another one.

Now our logo has a better looking border. As you can see, I have also changed the font type and size. Our logo is progressing.


Adding an image

A logo looks good with an image next to it. To add an image, first make sure the image is in your computer.

Right-click on the image and choose copy which will copy the image to the Windows Clipboard. Now go back to your logo and do the key combination CTRL + V. Your image will now appear on the Word document. For this example, I am using Mozart wearing a headset.


To position it properly, right-click on the image and choose Format Picture. When a box opens, go to the Layout sub-tab and choose In Front Of The Text and center. Hit enter and you should now be able to move the image around more easily.

Using your mouse, click on the image and then drag the image from the corners inwards until it resizes to the size you want. Then drag the image to the place you want to put it in the logo. This may take some time to get things in exactly the right position so play around with it.

Here’s my finished logo –


Lift the logo off the page to put on your webpage

Now all that’s left to do is to use a screen capture program to remove the logo from the page. I use the paid SnagIt (one of the few programs I am willing to pay for) but there are plenty of free alternatives such as Irfanview or the Firefox extension Aviary.


And that’s it. You can of course add whatever you like to your logo. Word is fairly flexible which is what I like about it. Granted, your end result is not the best that can be done when you compare it to Photoshop, but if you don’t have Photoshop and you just need a quick basic logo, then this is not bad.

Looking at my logo’s rather crappy font has made me realise though that I need to reinstall my favourite fonts!

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