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Have you heard about the New Tab King? You haven’t?

Well then what do you see when you hit Control + T in Firefox?

When you open a new tab do you see a blank window or is there some useful data you can use?

Did you even know you could have some cool and useful things there when you opened a new tab?

Most people running Firefox out of the box see something like this:



That is way better than what I get when I open Internet Explorer’s new tab by default:


Now how about we replace our Firefox new tab screen with something totally awesome? How does this strike you?


So not only do you get a list of the most used websites, you also have shortcuts to popular windows folders and applications! You can open My Documents or Outlook with a single click. There is a button for recently closed tabs as well as the fabled Boss mode key.

Let’s install it and have a look at it. You can find the download here or via their Firefox plug-in page here: Download the plug-in and you will see this:


Simply hit Install Now, let it install and then restart your browser. When you Firefox restarts you won’t notice anything new until you actually open a blank tab. Then you will see the screen we showed you above. Let’s take a look at it’s features. By clicking on the different headings under Most Used Websites you can see what sites you have visited most often in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. Strangely all my browsing is almost identical regardless of time of day – but hey that’s just me!


You can click the boss button:


And your most used websites will become that of an older stock broker”¦ Check it out for yourself below.

It still might not be appropriate for your environment but hey it’s better than porn right!

(Disclaimer: Don’t browse porn during work! You will still get caught!)


A very simple but functional plug-in. You can also change the default girl in the background to something else by hitting the Customize Background button up in the upper right hand corner of the window. It has these images by default:


But you can always just go ahead and browse on over to your own images. What do you use for your new tabs in Firefox? We would love to hear so share your new tab magic with us in the comments!

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