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Yahoo isn’t putting on the stops in its efforts to personalize the user experience for you. In the latest move, it has dusted off My Yahoo and given the personal start page a fresh look. The new design is a refreshing change from its static avatar of recent times. The start page is meant to be the portal that ties together all of Yahoo’s offerings — email accounts, calendars, stock portfolio, sports scoreboard, weather, Flickr, and web content delivered by Yahoo or a web search.

The latest redesign also puts My Yahoo in the contention ring of iGoogle alternatives. Google has said that it will be shuttering its own version of the personal start page by November of this year. Users can easily import their iGoogle preferences. The modern design on display at My Yahoo could have its fair share of takers with its ease of personalization. You can dress up your own profile with a range of cool new themes from designers, artists, bands, and more.

My Yahoo has apps on offer which connect you to services like Gmail, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post among others. Yahoo also allows you to add content from a diverse motley of sources – from art to style. If you like to have a personalized start page, My Yahoo could be place to park your preferences. Take a peek and tell us all about the new design – hate it or love it?

Source: Yahoo Blog

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