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Remember MySpace? It’s back, and it has Justin Timberlake all over it. The new version of MySpace, or the “New MySpace“, is a completely re-imagined version of the pioneer social network, and it’s now officially open to the public. Anyone who’s up for a second round of MySpace can create an account, or log in using the old MySpace account, Facebook or Twitter.

After creating the account, you’ll get the chance to choose your artistic profession, upload a photo, write a short bio, and you’re ready to go. You can use the New MySpace to discover new artists, songs, albums, mixes, and even radio stations. You can easily listen to music, “connect” with songs or artists, and watch trending videos. MySpace’s new interface is barely recognizable compared to the old version, and it’s so wide it was actually cut off at the side even on my 19” monitor.

The New MySpace was first announced back in July, and in September we got a first visual glimpse on a preview video. The video was promoted by Justin Timberlake, one of site’s biggest investors, whose face is now all over the New MySpace’s landing page, advertising the release of his new single. After a being invite-only since the initial announcement, the New MySpace now opens its gates to a new generation of budding artists, fans, and the generally curious.

If you’ve had music in the old version of MySpace, you can import it to the new version using what they call the “classic MySpace” login option. Even if you’ve never had a MySpace account before, it’s worth taking a look, if only to see how a website can turn 180 degrees and make a complete change.

What do you think of the New MySpace? Will you use it, or is this effort doomed from the start?


Source: MySpace via The Verge

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