The Most Overpriced Products In Video Game History [MUO Gaming]

gaming   The Most Overpriced Products In Video Game History [MUO Gaming]I think at this point, all gamers have accepted that playing and buying video games is an expensive hobby. Between the cost of games, consoles, and accessories, it’s easy for a gamer to drop a large portion of their income on gaming. This is to be expected, as we are involved in a hobby that often uses the latest and greatest technology, which is bound to cost a pretty penny.

In some cases, the cost of being a gamer gets a little crazy. There are some items that have hit the video game market that are absolute rip offs. These are overpriced video games, and generally, not very useful to begin with. Today, we are going to look at some specific items and trends that have dropped in the video game world that are just not close to worth the cost of admission. These are the biggest rip offs in the history of the video game world.

Collectors Editions

I am a video game collector. I have amassed a moderately large collection of classic games, and sure, I’ve spent a good amount of money on it. What I don’t spend money on are overpriced “collectors editions” of video games. I am not willing to spend double the price to get some cheap plastic and an art book. It’s just not logical.

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Recently, I was looking at the collectors edition for Batman: Arkham Asylum. It comes with what appears to be an awesome Batarang. Upon taking it out of the box to have a closer look at it, I realized it was made of cheap plastic. You get a little journal, a behind the scenes DVD, a box, and a code to download a challenge map. All of this garbage for the low cost of $40 more. It’s a cash-in, and this is just one example of the giant gouging that takes place in the collectors editions of games.

Xbox Live

Let me start this by saying I have been paying for an Xbox Live account since there was an Xbox Live to pay for. That being said, I freely acknowledge that paying for the exact same service you can get on a PC or PS3 free is an unfathomable rip off.

12 Month Gold Card   The Most Overpriced Products In Video Game History [MUO Gaming]

Sure, Microsoft has added some cool stuff to the feature-set of Xbox Live, but essentially, we pay for it because of the ability to play games online. Not only that, but Microsoft has increased the cost of the service by $10 since its inception. Paying to watch Netflix —a service I am already paying for — is just dumb, and yet every year, I shell out that money, because Xbox Live is where my friends play, and I am stuck.

Xbox 360 Wi-Fi Adaptor

This is an example of proprietary hardware locking consumers into paying an obscene price for something. On, you can get a Wi-Fi adaptor for a desktop computer for a measly $10. Microsoft charges a ridiculous $70 for the proprietary model.

xbox wifi 802.11n 100509   The Most Overpriced Products In Video Game History [MUO Gaming]

Sure, there is some crazy steps you can do to get the Internet on your Xbox 360 without buying this overpriced dongle, or you can just buy a new Xbox 360 with Wi-Fi built in, but both of those options are impractical. There is no reason for Microsoft to charge so much for its dongle, other than the fact that it can; it’s the only reasonable choice.

The Launch Price Of The 3DS

Nintendo invested a lot of money in the technology behind the 3DS, and as such, the company had to charge a little too much for the console upon launch. In fact, it could have been a major cause to Nintendo posting a loss for the first time in years. The price was so high that Nintendo had to drop it incredibly quickly from $249.99 to$170.

nintendo3ds450px   The Most Overpriced Products In Video Game History [MUO Gaming]

Of course, Nintendo attempted to make up for the overpriced 3DS by offering people who bought it at the higher price some free downloadable games, but it still did not make up for the fact that they really beat up the early adopters. After all, some game downloads cost Nintendo almost nothing, and the company still made the extra high price on the people who bought it quickly.

 Neo Geo

800px Neo Geo AES Console Set e1356982403487   The Most Overpriced Products In Video Game History [MUO Gaming]

I recently wrote about the Neo Geo being a great idea, but with a failed execution. I would be leaving out one of the most insanely overpriced things in the history of video games. $650 for a console all those years ago is just nuts, and it is, without question, one of the biggest overpriced video game products in the history of video games.


I beat on the Xbox 360 a little bit in this article, but the fact is, Microsoft ripped gamers off in a big way on these items. At least all of the products here work. I mean, one could argue that the Virtual Boy is a rip off since it barely worked, even if the price was not too bad. Either way, these products all take advantage of the fact that gamers expect to spend money by making them spend way more than necessary.

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Richard Young

i agree. xbox live is ridiculous.

Howard Johnson

Yep, going to agree also on the the Xbox Live fee. Having to pay to use a service I pay for (Netflix) is just plain dumb.


not sure if id call the Neo Geo ‘overpriced’. If you compared it to buying an actual arcade cabinet with swappable cartridges, then it was a bargain, though still out of reach of most consumers.

Dave LeClair

True, but if you compare it to the cost of other home consoles, which is what it was, it was way higher in price.

Alex Downs

Wait the 3DS’s launch price was ridiculous, but the PS3’s wasn’t?


Just curious how much was the PS3’s price at launch?



Alex Downs

Like 500 to 600 dollars

Fakhruddin Ahmad

When PS3 first launched it was priced around $500. But that was normal, considering the production cost that had been said was around $800. And it was a killer machine with much superior technology than what 360 n Wii offered. The price eventually reduced because Sony realized their mistake and tried to make the production cost as little as possible.
So, I think it wasn’t overpiced. It was simply so expensive.

Dave LeClair

The PS3 was high, but when you compare it to the cost of a BluRay Player and a home console at the time, it was not too bad. The 3DS was just nuts for a handheld console.

Mustafa A.

“There is no reason for Microsoft to charge so much for its dongle, other than the fact that it can…”

Does this line sound dirty to anyone else??! xP

Garey Boone

That’s exactly what she said!!! X )~

Garey Boone

Just on principle I never buy first gen consoles either anybody remember the 360’s RROD.

Dave LeClair

HAHAHA yes, I admit, it does sound dirty.


I agree that the wireless adapter is over priced, but I disagree that it’s the only reasonable option. I keep my wireless router by the TV. This way I’m splitting the cable as few times as possible to get it to my modem, and then I have my PS3, 360, blu-ray player and cable box wired to the router. I don’t experience lag or connection loss wireless on my PC, but my PS3 does for some reason (it’s an older model). I know not everyone can do this, but it’s far from unreasonable.

Dave LeClair

Yea, but a lot of people do not keep their router and modem in the living room.

Luis Gorospe

maybe playstation plus and xbox live subscription is basically the same…

Dave LeClair

PlayStation Plus is optional, you can play online with friends for free on PSN. Also, with PlayStation Plus you get free games.

Márcio Guerra

Ahahahah! «Some plastic and a art book», nice one. I’m more or less like you, well… Less. I’m not a consoles gamer, just pc, and nowadays only mobile gamer… Anyway, nice article!


Márcio Guerra

Dave Parrack

Xbox Live was way ahead of PSN at the start, but Sony has done wonders to catch up over the past few years. It’s definitely left Xbox Live feeling overpriced.

Ran Kinory

In Israel you have to translate and change the directions, that makes evrey thing much more expensive.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

I can understand translating, but changing directions? Why is it necessary?

Ran Kinory

The hebrew writing is from right to left

Scott Macmillan

Microsoft is very greedy on the Xbox but all the big players are looking to puff up their balance sheets..

Richard Benkov

two Microsoft items…. and ANYTHING sold by APPLE

Todd Gerhauser

How can you discuss overpriced items in Video game history and not include Panasonic’s 3DO? It came out around the same time as the Neo Geo and cost 600$. It also didn’t have a line-up of games anyone had heard of. Atleast Neo Geo had the Arcade games you knew at the time.

Dave LeClair

Good point, 3DO was incredibly overpriced.


Microsoft really knows how to get money. Xbox live gold just to access netflix isn’t just one rip off, but access to cable or fios tv channels of course provided the user has an active subscription to one of those companies. Xbox 360 can also be as an extender, but the original Xbox 360 had(s) trouble keeping up with copying the image of the media center that the pc that is running. Being able to use social media on xbox 360 for the price of xbox live gold is funny.

Jacques Knipe

Agreed. CE are pretty expensive, but if you are a fan of a certain series then you don’t think rationally. I shelled out quite a large sum for my AC3 Freedom Edition. The only thing in that edition I really wanted was the figurine and one extra mission. Now I can’t do anything with those things, but I still enjoy seeing my collection of AC figurines everyday.
It’s a pretty expensive hobby, collecting memorabilia and game related items. It should be much cheaper. Oh well I’ll still get the GTA V CE when it is announced.