The Minimalist Gmail Cheat Sheet

How many Gmail keyboard shortcuts do you know? Is the option to use keyboard shortcuts even enabled in your account? Everyone knows that using keyboard shortcuts saves you time, so what are you waiting for? With the help of this cheat sheet from Visualeks, you’ll be a Gmail keyboard shortcut wizard in no time.

Also available in black on white, and white on black.

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Joel L

Well, that’s a lot of shortcuts to remember. I use Postbox so I rarely even use the Gmail interface, otherwise I’d probably spend a few hours learning them. Nice graphic.


Thanks, Joel. Personally, I only bother remembering OS X shortcuts.



Switched to Outlook.



Nice. For help menu is easier to remember “?” instead of “shift + /” which is basically the same, at least in English keyboards, but as I said easier to remember. Thanks!!

Daniel E

Same with “!” and “#&rdquo instead of <Shift>+“1” and <Shift>+“3” but I didn’t think of non-English keyboards



after installing windows 8 i use that email application for all my emails incl gmail
at work outlook…

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