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Are you looking to start building something, but lack the machines required to make your dream project a reality? Do you know of a place that is friendly to DIY project builders, and you want to share it with others so they can find it and take advantage of the services offered? If so, you should have a look at a new open source project called The Maker Map. It makes it easy for anyone to add or find places that are friendly to people looking to work on their own projects.


The Maker Map features plenty of businesses, museums, hacker spaces, and plenty more types of places that will let others use their equipment. All of the locations are added by community, so if you know of a place that is not featured on the map, you can add it using the simple tools on the website. Anything from 3D printing to woodworking can be added to the database using tags, which will in turn help your fellow DIYers find the kind of space they need quickly.


Browsing the map is done through a simple search, or by just dragging the map around until you see a dot, indicating that a user has added a space in that location. Of course, the project is still in its infancy, so there may not be many spaces near you just yet, but as the community grows more active, it will become easier to find all kinds of different spaces in your area.


  • Find all kinds of places for DIY projects.
  • Everything from businesses to museums on the map.
  • Open source, so you can add places you know of.
  • Tags keep the data organized.

Find The Maker Map @

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