The Geek Wedding Code

I remember when I got married — the decisions I had to make on floral arrangements, chair ties, cakes. Gosh, I was overwhelmed. Although one of the few things I was keen on calling the shots was our wedding invitation design. In fact, I proudly designed my own. But if I had known about Ian Davenport’s geek wedding invitation card, I would have instantly gone with it. Ian runs Swash and Fold, a boutique design company specialising in wedding paper craft i.e Save The Dates, invitations, table place card, etc.

The Wedding Code is as geeky as they come. If you’re taking the plunge soon, you’ll be glad to know that Ian’s The Wedding Code card is available from RedBubble for $4 — if you can read it.

geek wedding 1   The Geek Wedding Code

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Duy Bui

“if ($i = ‘do’)” <<< he is forcing her answer =))

Sudeepto Dutta

Haha … Truly Awesome …

How do you get all this stuff ?? Your articles are really interesting :)

Jackson Chung

Thanks, Sudeepto!


As much as I love this, I’d have to re-write it if I ever had reason to use it. That code has a few problems in it.


Yeah that might seem cute at first glance but any real programmer will look at that code and point out several ways it sucks.

And what sort of wedding is it that you don’t get to kiss the bride until after you’ve filled in the register?

Lisa O

I dunno. I’ve seen many weddings like that. Still, it’s a lot better than ol’ classic invitation.

Pooky Joralyn

Can you translate this to C language? It’s the only language I know for now.


yeah me too!

Junil Maharjan

shouldn’t this go on the geeky fun page as well?

Lisa O

I think so.

Jackson Chung

Our Geeky Fun page has been decommissioned. So you’ll most likely see 1 of these posts a day on our main site.

Ariyan Alksilk

Have you got a code for debugging my wife? I wish I could find and fix the problem when I can see the symptom but the error message is not very helpful!

Lisa O

Have you consulted the manual? If you don’t have one, tough luck, then.

Jackson Chung

It’s more like a handbook :)

Havaida B

hahahaa great man


Now they need the code for her sleeping with half the football team and then divorcing him and keeping the house and car.. leaving him with nothing.. as usually happens.


If she took the dog, too, that would be the country version.

Lisa O

That’s fun. Other people has pointed out problems with the code, but I think it’s negligible. At least the one getting the invitation won’t think it’s boring.

Abd El Rahman Z


Ian Davenport

Hah, thanks for featuring this!

Yeah, I know from an actual coding point of view things are borked, it makes some tenuous global assumptions and repurposes bits for things they weren’t intended for (using the cookies ini as a “forever” for example). But it was just a silly bit of fun :)

Then again, if there was actually a script function that *correctly* defined real life interactions then I guess that would mean we’re actually inside the Matrix…. which would suck, as I’m rubbish at Kung Fu and like the sun too much.

Had someone ask if I’d do a Ruby one too, so other languages may be coming soon ;)

Cheers! Ian

Omstavan S

Didn’t your wife comment on this? :P


This is what I picture Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler’s wedding invitations would look like. Instead of a prenup He would make a schedule of weekly meetings on the state of the marriage and a detailed affection and coitus schedule.

Eserpess M

I love how she doesn’t have a choice. lol