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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Kickstarter, where people from all around the web can financially support projects that they’re interested in. These products can include things like eInk watches, and high-budget video games or Android game consoles.

Each Kickstarter has its own independent experience representing the hopes and dreams of hard-working people. Will it succeed? Will it fail When Kickstarters Fail [Feature] When Kickstarters Fail [Feature] Crowd-funding has finally transformed from niche idea to mainstream concept. Credit for this surge in popularity can be thrown at the feet of Kickstarter and its contemporaries. Some highly publicized projects have raised millions of... Read More ? It’s impossible to know how it’s going to go before money starts rolling in – or doesn’t. So let’s take a look at some awesome Kickstarters to watch.

The Up-And-Coming


Software projects (excluding games and some apps) tend to do poorly on Kickstarter. Part of the reason is, to be frank, a lack of good ideas. Ormr could be an exception. It’s an image editor that includes a smart undo/redo function that does not work chronologically. A user can perform 5 actions and then undo the first without undoing the other four.

I like the idea, though I do worry that the $50,000 goal is just too much. We’ll just have to wait and see.

LA Game Space

A few months ago I wrote a feature article about the hurdles facing preservation and appreciation The Fading Games Of Yesterday, And How We Preserve Them [Feature] The Fading Games Of Yesterday, And How We Preserve Them [Feature] What is your favorite video game of all time? If you’re in your twenties, or older, there’s a good chance that you answer to this question isn’t a recent title. It may be a classic... Read More of old games. One major problem that became clear during my research is the lack of organizations dedicated to this cause. LA Game Space is a project that aims to add one more organization to the handful already in existence by converting an abandoned warehouse into a gaming-focused artistic workshop.

It’s an ambitious project with an ambitious goal of $250,000.


Okay, Kickstarter is known for hosting some geeky projects, but this one takes the cake, runs away with the cake, and then somehow uses the cake to calculate 1,000,000 digits of Pi. It’s a command line interface for Windows. Yes! For Windows! And it includes a bunch of crazy command line features like syntax highlighting, multiple command line panes and directory search.

I’m not sure how useful it is, but it’s certainly unique. Can it make $25,000 and become more than a nerd’s fever-dream?

The Contenders

Awesome Controller

You’d think that an adapter making modern wireless game controllers compatible with old Nintendo consoles would be popular. You’d think. But so far that hasn’t been the case. Awesome Controller doesn’t have much longer to go and it’s only earned just over 10% of its goal. I suspect that the video, which appears a bit amateurish, is having an impact. But I also wonder if the team just needs to do a better job of getting the word out. I’ve yet to read anything about the project on the gaming sites I visit.


Also struggling is FloJack, which has a fair amount of time left but is also stalled out with a small portion of its goal pledged. The Kickstarter itself is well laid out and offers a good explanation of the project, but the idea may prove a bit niche. On the other hand, this is an Apple related item, and those seem to come through in a pinch. We’ll have to wait and see.


This interesting project uses near field audio amplification to create a wireless smartphone audio dock that works with any existing smartphone. There’s no software to install. Just place the phone on Freakvibe and you have an instant Boombox. The project currently sits at about 10% of its $90,000 goal, but it has plenty of time left.

Interstellar Marines

This impressive new game has a lot going for it. It’s already Greenlit on Steam, it has an incredible video and there’s plenty of detail in the Kickstarter.

Something else the project has is a $600,000 goal, and that may become a problem. Yes, some games have earned millions, but they were all based on a popular franchise or created by an extremely well-known developer. Zero Point Software is no Double Fine – in terms of name recognition at least.

Mimix Controller & NanoQ Copter

Remote controller helicopters are cool, but have you ever tried flying one? Uh, it’s hard. The Mimix + NanoQ combo tries to fix that by pairing a revolutionary motion-controller with a stable, small and inexpensive quad-copter. It’s a cool idea. Unfortunately, it’s almost over and is a long way from its $230,000 goal.

I’m not calling this a loser yet, but it’ll take a small miracle.

The Winners


Learning a new language is difficult and, if it’s done in the wrong way, not a lot of fun. Lingual set out to help solve this problem with an entertaining, humorous tablet game in which players solve language puzzles to defeat a villainous green rabbit known as Lingual. The project was asking for a modest $5,000 and, after nearly a month, has finally received it. I look forward to giving the finished game a try.

The Losers


This project stalled out completely in the last few weeks. It was shy of $2,000 last time I checked in on it and it earned barely a cent since then, putting the total well short of the $25,000 goal. I think the idea is cool, but the execution of the Kickstarter could use some work – and it seems the project’s creators did little to promote themselves.

What Kickstarter projects have you had your eye on recently?  Let us know in the comments and give your favourite Kickstarter project a boost!

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  1. Terafall
    November 14, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    I look forward for Lingual

  2. Boni Oloff
    November 14, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    Fund is everything, even you can make a software very good without money. I am sure can do something better with some more money..

  3. Mac Witty
    November 14, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    I look forward to the iZZi Orbit & iZZi Solo iPhone camera lens

  4. Lisa Santika Onggrid
    November 13, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    I'm happy Lingual made it. I'll look forward to the finished version.