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Have you heard of that awesome website called Kickstarter, where you can support all kinds of projects? These are projects covering anything from Android game consoles to high-budget video games.

Each Kickstarter project is unique in its own way, representing the hopes and dreams of many different types of people. Will it succeed? Will it fail When Kickstarters Fail [Feature] When Kickstarters Fail [Feature] Crowd-funding has finally transformed from niche idea to mainstream concept. Credit for this surge in popularity can be thrown at the feet of Kickstarter and its contemporaries. Some highly publicized projects have raised millions of... Read More ? What will become of that fascinating Kickstarter project? It’s impossible to know until the contributions start rolling in, or doesn’t. So let’s take a look at some great Kickstarters to watch.

The Up-And-Comers


Sometimes a Kickstarter takes on a common object that most people don’t think could be improved upon. In this case it’s the flashlight. Flatlight serves the same purpose – it creates a bright light where there was none – but it improves on the idea by making it flatter and easier to pocket. Unlike a flashlight, the Flatlight can fit just about anywhere. It has a modest $15,000 goal that it’s well on its way to making.


First off, MAUZ has perhaps the coolest tag-line ever – “One device to rule them all“. It’s geeky, recognizable and accurate. The device itself is a hardware add-on that turns a smartphone into a computer mouse and gesture control system. You can scroll through webpages, flip through Netflix movies or rotate 3D objects by rotating your phone. The project has only made a fraction of its $150,00 goal so far, but it also has well over a month left.



The proliferation of low-cost processors has allowed electronics to reach a point where computing can extend to devices people aren’t actively using. Those devices need data, however, which is where Sense comes in. These wireless sensors can gauge things like temperature, location or motion and then interact with other hardware and software to take action. All of the data is also viewable via the Sense system back end, as well.


Chris Taylor is gaming developer who has had his ups and downs. Some of his best, like Total Annihilation and the original Dungeon Siege, are excellent examples of their genre. His worst, like Demigod and Space Siege, were the exact opposite. Most games of his have in some way tried to push an aspect of their genre to the extreme, and Wildman seems fall in line with this approach. It’s an action RPG that focuses on interacting with and destroying the environment – and some real-time strategy elements are being thrown in to help deal with the repetition common in action games.

The Contenders

The Emergency Mobile Device Charger

If you ask me, this idea is awesome. A mobile charger that can be relied on to provide a huge amount of power in the event of a long-term power outage is a great idea. Unfortunately its creator, Kevin Maloney, is not a marketing genius and has given his creation most boring name possible. So far the project has managed to grab only a fraction of what it needs to be successful and there’s not much time left to find support.


Leikr is a GPS capable Find Your Friends via GPS with These 5 Free Android Apps Find Your Friends via GPS with These 5 Free Android Apps Use these apps to easily find your friends using your phone's built-in GPS. Read More watch for sports enthusiasts. The idea at first seems strange in a world dominated by smartphones, but it does make sense. The device is easier to use in sunlight and can easily be used while running or biking.  So far the project has earned about $175,000 of its $250,000 goal and there’s only a week left. It seems the project might have a photo finish.

The Winners


The idea behind Flybridge is simple. There are millions of old iPhone docks in homes that are now longer useful for people who upgrade to a new iPhone with the new Lighting connector. So why not sell a simple adapter that can make those old docks work again? The solution is simple, yet appears well engineered. It slots right in to an existing dock and, once attached, looks almost like a factory accessory. The project had no problem meeting its modest $15,000 goal.


It was obvious that Gamestick would become a winner when the Kickstarter was posted. It’s a lot like Ouya, which was fantastically successful, but even smaller. Just plug the device Gamestick into your television’s HDMI port and presto, you’re ready to game. At least that’s the idea. The project has already earned over four times the amount asked for it and it has about a week to go.

The Losers


This small, light-weight iPhone game controller promised to offer full functionality without altering the iPhone’s famously slim frame. I thought it was a good idea, yet it was also another smartphone game controller. There have already been many successful and unsuccessful projects for similar products – and I think those who were interested have already pledged elsewhere. The project ended at $22,000 of its $80,000 goal.

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