The Evolution of the Geek

As you can probably tell, we’re big on geeks here. If you’re not sure if you are a geek, well, there’s an easy way to find out. Passed the test? Here’s another one to gauge how much of a geek you are. Once you’ve discovered you are in fact a geek, find out exactly which type of geek you are. Make sure you’re not a hipster, we’re really strict about entry requirements.

Welcome to the club! Are you curious how the term geek came into be? Were your geek predecessors just like you? Did geeks exist before Star Wars and the Internet? Thanks to an infograph by Flowtown, it’s pretty easy to study the evolution (and origin) of the geek.

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no girl geeks? really?


while I would love to consider myself a geek about girls – i don’t think that is very socially acceptable, and no man in his right mind can claim to know or understand – Women are complex, deep, emotional and sensitive – they are proof of the “anything you can do i can do better” song, in that my wife works, cooks, cleans, cares for me and the kids – she does it with grace and style – i could screw up boiling water! let’s leave that there. Second, Any one of those categories contains women – MANY women. Although, a few of the characters could have been drawn as women; this much is true. alternatively,Some could have had their female peers next to them – that would be an even nicer touch.


I meant .. girls are geeks too .. you only have men stick figures …


Political Correctness rears its ugly head again. Why does every social group under the sun have to get equal time??? We are all part of one social group – the human race.


yeah, easy for you to say if you have been represented all the time.

Lisa O

I’m a girl and I don’t mind. It doesn’t mean there are no girl geeks, we all know that. The word human covers both man and woman, right? Sure, men are represented very frequently in English, but that doesn’t mean girls are not around. Too much people insist on Political Correctness. Just let go of that minor detail. You’ll be happier.

Jackson Chung

The D&D geek looks like a girl…



You forgot to include the original meaning of the word, before anyone had computers or needed a ‘geek’ to fix them. This was the guy who would bite the head off of a living thing, such as a chicken, at a carnival of side show. There wasn’t anything particularly sexy about it if I remember correctly. The word “geek” meant “weird”, but magnified.

The way it evolved was probably like this: you go to the carnival and see a guy bite the head off a chicken, and you turn to your friend and say “what a geek!” And then, when you see the AV Club guy get the 16mm projector running, you turn to your friend and say “what a geek!” Then that guy grows up and changes the world and becomes a billionaire and then you say “geeks are sexy”.

Too bad you used to make fun of this guy when he was inventing computers, landing men on the moon, and video games, and software, and all that “geeky” stuff. It only became sexy when you could get some money out of it.



Guys (and I use that word advisedly!), are you still not getting that women exist in all the same geeky tech head worlds as you? I’ve mostly enjoyed reading MUO for a while now, but much more of this kind of exclusion and this particular female! 67-yr-old!! reader is going to remove you from her RSS feed.

Jackson Chung

Hi Opsimath, please understand that we didn’t design the image. If you have any issues, please take it up with the original creator i.e. Flowtown.

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