The Evolution of Gaming Consoles (1969 – 2013)

Did you know that the very first gaming console to make use of a CD-ROM was released in 1987? Do you know what it was called? What’s the best selling gaming console in history? Which was the first gaming console to feature full-colour output, sound and cartridge-based games? Look for the answers in this detailed and interesting infograph on the evolution of gaming consoles!

How many of these gaming consoles have you owned?

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game consoles small   The Evolution of Gaming Consoles (1969   2013)


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You forgot the pippin in 1995

Tanim I

Loved the post, very interesting read

Rajat K

Still like NES games… :)

Juan B.

The PS4 can also handle 4K monitors.




You have an attari jaguar pictured for the 3DO. So missing the jaguar and incorrect 3DO pic


No, both the 3DO and the Jaguar are labeled “Panasonic 3DO.”
Also, the text for the N64 reads “…everely hampering sales…”


Wrong pic for 3DO, that pic is Atari jaguar. Your missing the jaguar also.

Tarek R

very nice read .. memories :)

Kim Matthews

Darn I’m old!!!


Some other info:
*Blu-ray and not blue-ray

The MegaModem for the Sega MegaDrive was released

on November 3rd, 1990.
Nor the MegaModem or the Satellaview provide actual

online gaming, they were more like a downloadable

content service.

The PC-Engine/Turbografx16 had a CD add-on. While

it was the first, the image didn’t made it clear

that it wasn’t on the base console.

The Dreamcast didn’t have a built-in modem. It was

an add-on that many releases had it included, but

not all of them. Also, there was a broadband


The PS2 had the processor clocked at 294MHz.

Technically speaking, Nintendo doesn’t use DVDs,

they have a proprietary disc format based on DVD


The correct information about the PS4 has been

released on June 11th

dimensions: 75mm × 53mm × 305 mm
weight: 2.8kg
500GB built-in HDD
AV Output: HDMI only, support to 4K
Price: 399USD, 399 Canada Dolars, 399 Euro, 349



Also forgot the 64 DD and the Sega Multimega ;)