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The Creators Project is a collaboration between hardware giant Intel What You Need To Know About Intel’s Ivy Bridge [MakeUseOf Explains] What You Need To Know About Intel’s Ivy Bridge [MakeUseOf Explains] Intel has just released its new updated processor, code-named Ivy Bridge, for both desktops and laptops. You’ll find these new products listed as the 3000 series and you can buy at least some of them... Read More and boundary-pushing magazine and documentary squad Vice Magazine. The project explores the boundaries between art, technology and the emerging installations that gel the two together.

Through a series of videos and interviews, the project explores various artists’ theories, works, and the way they approach the technology conundrum. Music videos How To Create Your Own Basic Music Video How To Create Your Own Basic Music Video There are often lots of creative musical artists out there just waiting to shine, but as I recently discussed with someone in the music industry, you are nearly forced to have some form of video... Read More , architecture, interactive art, and digital techniques used are all featured in this excellent little project that serves to entertain, educate and hopefully inspire View Great Art For Free On These 6 Inspiring Websites View Great Art For Free On These 6 Inspiring Websites The Internet’s boom brought many great things with it, including access to places we might otherwise never visit. This accessibility goes hand in hand with the fact we don’t leave our chairs as much as... Read More .

Zach Liebermann – Physical and Digital Tools Converge

Zach Liebermann is one of the key figures behind YesYesNo, an interactive collective that focuses on making engaging art installations as well as being one of the founding members of openFrameworks, a motion sensor toolkit that has been the base for a good number of Kinect hacks Kinect Hacks Revisited: 7 More Inventive Uses [Stuff to Watch] Kinect Hacks Revisited: 7 More Inventive Uses [Stuff to Watch] Last month I was at Blip Fest in Melbourne, watching a bunch of musically talented geeks using their Game Boys and ZX Spectrums to make pounding yet tuneful electro beats. A projector accompanied the music,... Read More .

In this video he explores his vision for interactive art, and muses about the flaws of digital techniques and addresses attempts to turn digital gestures into physical ones.

Sticky Monster Lab – Cute Monsters With Sadistic Personalities

For some truly unique, bizarre and beautiful animation check out the following video from South Korean art collective Sticky Monster Lab. They have taken their concept of creating monsters from imperfections – disabilities like no arms or one leg – and coming up with gorgeously smooth animated shorts 8 Of The Best Animated CGI Short Films [Stuff to Watch] 8 Of The Best Animated CGI Short Films [Stuff to Watch] Continuing last week’s theme of short film, today’s Stuff to Watch focuses entirely on rendered productions in this collection of excellent computer generated shorts. As movie studios pump millions of dollars into feature-length 3D productions;... Read More .


Add to this their expressionless faces and the overall quirky art style and you’ve got yourself a Korean project that’s both amusing and slightly unsettling at the same time.

Ma Yansong – Transforming Urban Landscapes

Ma Yansong is a Chinese architect who grew up in the vast expanse of Beijing. After discovering the variety of architecture in his home city from a young age, Ma decided that he would like to be an architect and followed through with some truly unique and challenging designs.

In addition to the video below, don’t forget to check out Ma Yansong’s conceptual vision for Beijing in 2050 in pictures, a must for all fans of modern, futuristic architecture.

Scott Snibbe – Building an iPad App For Björk

American installation artist and app developer Scott Snibbe has proved himself on a global scale, possibly most notably with his iPad app created for alternative Icelandic pop queen Björk. Scott’s fascination with interactive art began at the age of 10 and the arrival of the Apple II computer and since then he has experimented with most types of digital interfaces.

In the video below Scott tackles his art origins, past projects and fascinations as well as what’s involved in making a groundbreaking mobile music-oriented app for a hugely influential alternative act.

Chris Milk – Treachery of Sanctuary

If ever you’ve wished you could be a bird then Chris Milk’s Treachery of Sanctuary exhibition might just appeal to you. Chris has worked on a variety of different projects including an Arcade Fire live performance and Internet hits like The Wilderness Downtown, and now he’s using Kinect.

His latest work transforms you into a silhouette with the ability to sprout giant wings, among other Kinect-powered exhibits. The what, how and why is included in the video below.

Semiconductor – Revealing The Natural World In Flux

Visual art duo Semiconductor take art and science as one separate entity, and apply their visual formula to create some intriguing and perplexing films that attempt to reveal the hidden world around us. Based in Brighton, UK the two use scientific equipment to create their art which heavily features a bond between image and sound.

The pair have worked in NASA labs and for one project collated around a million images of the sun for a piece of art titled “Brilliant Noise” in 2006. Their methodology and philosophies are revealed in great detail in the video below.

The Rest

These are only a few of the artists and project featured in the full collection of creators. You can browse the rest and pick out your favourites both on the official website and the project’s YouTube channel. Be sure to mention your favourites in the comments, below.


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