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online multiplayer flash gamesNo new games for today. Not exactly. Today we’re going to take a look at a gaming website, The Casual Collective that is. The sites that brings you some of the best online multiplayer flash games.

At first sight, The Casual Collective is yet another sheep in the herd, another website to play multiplayer flash games online. But those who know The Casual Collective, know that that isn’t exactly true.

The Casual Collective was created by David Scott and Paul Preece, the guys behind the insanely addictive (like coke) games Flash Element TD and Desktop Tower Defense. These games are without any doubt amongst the most popular flash games ever created. Together, they launched this site, which was created as a “showcase” for their games. Eight online multiplayer games were released at the official launch of the site and more are to come.

A site with flash games, we’ve had that before. Right, but wrong. Even though there are only a very few games available, all of the games are magnificent, and the site is backed up by a great community.

casual collective games


The real fun begins upon creating an account. You’ll be able to play games with more players, track your progress with the to-be-earned awards and credits, save your game, unlock bonus content and – most of all – get into the system, join the community and make some friends.

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Creating an account ‘opens up’ the site’s potential, one might say. The registration is claimed to be fast and easy, and it is nothing less. Compared to most sites on the current day, this might not even be a registration. Just enter a bare minimum of personal details, and you’ll find yourself logged in instantly.

You can now head off and start playing, or confirm your email address and unlock all of The Casual Collective’s features.

The Concept

Though most games can be played offline, the site’s focus lies mainly on multiplayer games. You can play them in one of the many available multiplayer rooms, or create a room yourself. Meet new people or play with friends.


The heavy accent on communication can’t be missed either. Where ever you are on the site, the shoutbox lies just within reach. When playing a game, you also have access to a private chat.

You can also take refuge in the forums or in one of the many Groups. You can join a group if you have mutual interests, follow the ‘news’ and have fun in the group’s private shoutbox.

Awards & Credits

By playing games, you can earn awards and credits – if you’re good at it, that is. Eventually, you’ll also increase in level and in status.

The credits can be used for various purposes. These include dressing up your account and buying game upgrades and virtual gifts.

You can also choose to purchase additional credit through PayPal, though this is optional.

How About You?

Have you tried The Casual Collective yet? What did you make of it?

You can post your opinions, high scores (low ones are allowed as well!) and share your nickname below in the comments section!

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you forgot to tell the URL of the site!!!

Simon Slangen

My apologies, Altzheimer is my middle name (as a figure of speach)


Mark O’Neill

Oops, thanks. It’s there now.



Great post. I recommend trying out Kongregate ( for a similar experience (Gaming chat rooms, flash games, achievement system, weekly challenges for collectible cards and givaways).



Brilliant review. I’d like to mention that there are also lots of single player games as well not just multiplayer. Many of the multiplayer games also have single player practice modes which are games in their own right.



Simon –

Great review! As a participant on the site since the beginning, I have watched what Paul and Dave have been able to create. A few things not mentioned in your article (but shown in your screen shots) are that users can create their own avatars and that there is a CC Radio station accessible through the site.
And as a previous poster mentioned Kongregate, you can find CC games on Kongregate and other game compilation sites.
I will also mention that there are a couple of new games about to be released that just addicting as the TD games you listed.




John- Kongregate has nothing on The Casual Collective, The community is far more mature and friendly, There is much less spam and other undesirable content! The people on the Collective do there best to keep the family friendly nature intact!

And Kongregate has nothing like CC Radio!!! To follow the normal internet meme, 1)log in, 2)click “listen Live”, 3)enjoy, 4)profit


lrn2meme 1.Login “Listen Live”
and CC only has 13 games……..



ive been a member on the site for a wile and i could not find a better eqivalent any where

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