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When it comes to the cerebral type, it really is the thought that counts. Nothing says, “I love you!” to a geek quite like avoiding clichés such as dying roses and mass-market chocolates. 

To help you put some thought into your physical representation of the abstract concept of love, we bring you our picks for the best valentine’s day gifts for your geek.

The Design Geek

Simple in its design, epic in its effect, the Alessi To Mug will warm the cockles of your design geek’s heart every time they sip a caramel macchiato. Lovingly, they will recall that you and the café are their muse and drive on to design the things that make our place a better world in which we can all live. The Alessi To Mug can be had for $28.99.


An added bonus for your design geek — if they are also a tea drinker — is the Alessi You Tea Infuser. The heart-shaped infuser in mirror polished stainless steel reinforces the notion of love getting stronger with time just as your tea does in boiling water. Only an additional $30.

The Gardener Geek

“Life is a garden – dig it.”, Joe Dirt. We definitely dig our geeky gardeners who love to see good things grow from little more than soil, water, and kindness. The I Love You Bean will grow a special message for your loved one in just 3-5 days.



Complete with a sprouting dome, printed planter, planting mixture and instructions, even the most neophyte of garden geeks will get your message. From ThinkGeek for $6.99.

The Gamer Geek

If your girl is a gamer then you know that she’s a rare breed and deserves the best. Show her your support goes with her everywhere with an Original Space Invaders Carrying Case from BagEnvy GameGear. It’s a handmade clutch wallet designed to specifically house a Nintendo 3DS, DDS Lite or DSi in retro geek glamour. Not only does it stylishly carry the DS, it also has housing for 2 styluses and 8 extra games.


There’s only one of these, just like there’s only one of your special gal, so act quickly! If you don’t get this one, BagEnvy GameGear has other clutch wallets in many different patterns. $22.00 from Etsy.

The Foodie Geek

Taking taste to the lowest level, your foodie geek will appreciate the Introductory Molecular Gastronomy Kit from Molecule-R. Keep your love life cooking with the Molecule-R cookbook, special serving spoons, and the Cuisine R-evolution kit.


Your kitchenista will have a wonderful time learning how to, “Encapsulate flavors into bubbles that burst in your mouth.”, “Create colorful foams that intensify aromas.”, and, “Sculpt flavors into tasty pearls, raviolis or spaghettis.” What’s not to love? Even the price of $79.95 is tasty.

The Tech Geek

Programmer, hardware, and DIY geeks will fall for the Heart Matrix LEO from LucidTronix – $60. It’s a programmable palm-sized Arduino clone that you can wear and is rechargeable. Put in your own special message of love to remind your love of your sizeable intelligence or switch it to sound mode and let it dance to the beat of your favourite make-out mix.

Not quite geeky enough for you, yet? Add a wireless XBEE module and control it remotely. Get even more hardcore and set it up to display your Twitter feed. Like your own heart, the Heart Matrix just keeps on giving.

Summing It Up

Finding someone to love is easy. Finding someone to love, who loves something as intensely as only a geek can, is a true miracle. So take the time to look for that gift that will show them that you get them. You understand their passion for life and how they express it. You take the time to learn about it and love it as well, as it is part of the most important person to you. That, friends, is the best gift that any geek, any person, can hope to receive this Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever wowed your geeky partner? What would you like to get that would reflect your geek-passion? Seen any other super-cool ideas? Let’s share them in the comments, so we can all make our loved-one’s world a little brighter.

Image Credits:To Mug via Alessi, You Tea Infuser via Alessi, I Love You Bean via ThinkGeek, Space Invaders Nintendo Carrying Case – Clutch Wallet via BagEnvy GameGear, Introductory Molecular Gastronomy Kit via Molecule-R, Heart of the Storm via JD Hancock, Flickr

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  1. Jo-anne P
    February 4, 2014 at 5:42 am

    I really really need to find me a geek to love !

  2. Che J
    February 4, 2014 at 3:56 am

    The Heart Matrix LEO sounds interesting and I would really like to have it.