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manga1Manga is an increasingly popular Japanese art-style. They’re the comic equivalent of Japanese anime.

In Japan, manga is an everyday thing. People of young and old alike enjoy these comics about romance, action, humor and, sometimes, tentacles — but that’s a genre we’ll be trying to avoid discussing today.

Lately, manga fever has been spreading beyond the country’s boundaries. Since it’s legal to read or download (yet) unlicensed titles in Europe and the States, spending some time to read Manga online is a great way to spend an afternoon. And once you’re in, you’ll never want out!

ATTENTION! Many of these manga’s are uploaded by users. It’s still illegal to read manga online that’s been licensed in English. Check here for a full list of licensed titles.

There are a lot of sites where you can download manga for free, but today we’ll be focussing on websites where you can read these comics online, without having to clutter your computer and from the comfort of your laptop, netbook, or iPhone.

Manga Fox

The first thing you’ll notice about Manga Fox is how great the site looks. Not only that, you can flip through different color themes to make it easier on the eyes or fit in with your room’s wallpaper. The second thing you’ll notice is their amazing collection of manga.


read manga online

You can view the latest manga on the frontpage, but I recommend you browse the Manga Directory. Here you’ll be able to sort the different titles alphabetically or perform a search. If you really don’t know what to read, or just want some to get your hands on some new reads, sort the titles by rating and start with a blast.

The collection of manga they offer is very decent, and the site definitely stands out with its interface. I really doubt you’d find another manga site with a swifter navigation.

One Manga

One Manga comes second in the list. It’s got a comparable list of manga, but a slightly less pleasurable design and interface. Nevertheless, if you can’t find your manga on Manga Fox, this would be the second place to go.

onemanga - read manga online

Again, you can have your pick between the recent updates, or sort the titles by alphabet. Alternatively, and this is a feature you won’t encounter often, you can also browse by category. Say you’re still a little new to this, and want to find some titles that fit your style, this is a great place to start.

Manga Volume

Third comes Manga Volume. At first sight it highly resembles a file sharing site, and there are more similarities than that. Users can upload new manga from the frontpage, contributing to the already huge database of english manga.

mangavolume - free online manga

Manga Volume misses the great interface of Manga Fox and the categoric view of One Manga, but its active user community make it a vast resource of online manga. Rest assured, if your manga isn’t on any of the three sites mentioned above, it’s probably licensed.

I hope you’ve had some use of this article. If you know any other great resources to read Manga online –  be sure to mention them in the comments section below!

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