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The Best Sites for Making International Telephone Calls 1896telephoneThere are numerous sites and tools online that allow you to make free phone calls online but many of them do not allow you to make international calls. Most instant messaging services like Yahoo and Google Talk now come with an option to make PC-to-PC voice calls with your contacts although reception on these services are often unreliable.

So here are a few services to get you going and have you making international calls in a matter of minutes.


EvaPhone, allows you to make free PC-to-phone calls anywhere in the world. There is nothing to download and there’s no sign up required. To get started you simply follow the link and enter the country and number that you want to call. Evaphone is definitely one of the easiest free phone tools available on the Net.

EvaPhone - Free international calls and VoIP service.


PokeTalk provides totally free domestic and international calls to over 55 countries via your own phone. So, you will need your own phone number in order to use the service. Since PokeTalk is an ad-sponsored service, there are no fees whatsoever plus there is no download required.

A great feature that PokeTalk includes is the ability to connect to Facebook. When you make a call, an update with the country you dialed will be added to your Facebook profile. They also provide a widget that you can add to your website and will allow your visitors to make free calls from your site.



The Best Sites for Making International Telephone Calls freeringer

FreeRinger allows you to make free calls to more than 30 countries worldwide. Calls are made from an easy to use widget right in your browser, so there are no downloads required. Also, you can receive calls from regular and Internet (SIP) phones.

FreeRinger also has an unique feature that allows you to have “speed dial hyperlinks”. Meaning you can save phone numbers as links and then bookmark them for easy access later.


With YouTring you can make free PC-to-phone and free PC-to-PC calls. It’s not totally free but they do offer very low international calling plans. Their calling plans range from $25 – $100 and they claim that you’ll never have to worry about bad reception or interrupted calls.

In order to use the service, you will need to download a fairly small file to your computer.


Globe7 also has a lot of unique features and is a great tool for those that like online entertainment. This handy tool can be used for more than just making free calls. With Globe 7 you can watch videos, play games, The Best Sites for Making International Telephone Calls flaphonewatch live TV, listen to live radio, send SMS messages, upload and share files, and so much more. To get started, you will need to download the program to your computer.

What’s also great about Globe7 is that it’s not only for Windows users, Mac and Linux users can enjoy it as well. Plus, there’s also a mobile version that’s free to download.


Flaphone is one of the most interesting web-based telephones I’ve come across; you can make and receive calls using the service. You will need to sign up but it’s very quick and easy.

Calls can be made straight from the website so, there’s no downloads required. If you prefer though, they do have an AIR application that you can also use from your desktop.

Flaphone allows you to not only make calls to SIP and regular phones but you can also call any Skype user. As an added bonus, you can also make video calls with Flaphone as well as use it as an instant messenger.

You will need Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher in order to use the service.

Which online service do you use to make free international calls? Which service mentioned above do you plan on trying? Please let us know in the comments.

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