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I really love watching documentary movies. Whether it’s a new Michael Moore movie, some 9/11 conspiracy, arrest of legendary drug cartel, life of Che Guevara, Iraq war, origins of Palestine/Israel conflict …. , most of the professionally made documentaries are quite interesting and educational. If you share this passion, here are some resources to watch documentary movies online.

1. PBS Frontline

Watch PBS Frontline Documentaries Online

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) Frontline known for producing in-depth lengthy documentaries on various popular issues, leading to numerous awards (see more in Wikipedia). There are over 60 high quality documentaires on their website, with each documnetary available in different formats.

3. Free Documentaries / Bodocus / Docuworld

Free Documentaries

These 3 websites aggregate documentary videos from Google Video and nicely organize them into categories i.e. politics, health, history, religion, business etc. FreeDocumentaries also sorts videos by region (Africa, Middle East, Russia, Europe etc.). Check out websites @ FreeDocumentaries, [NO LONGER WORKS] Bodocus.

4. Miro


[Update] Sorry folks, I completely forgot to include Miro in the original list.

Miro (formerly Democray Player) is an all-in-one video player where you can navigate though and subscribe to over 1500 web shows, documentary channels and podacsts. Channels include TED Talks, Frontline/World, NOVA etc. mostly in HD content. Simply choose the channels you like, hit suscribe button and Miro will download new episodes as soon as they are out. You can also browse and watch existing content as well.

5. Joost

Joost - Documentary Videos

? I am not really a fan of Joost and never use it to watch documentaries, but what it has is the quality. Most of the videos you get here are in fairly good quality. At the moment there are 27 channels in documentary section (this may vary depending on your location).

6. OneBigTorrent

OneBigTorrent is the first place for quality documentary torrents. In their own words: “ is a new place for sharing material that deals with or is relevant to issues of social justice, progressive and radical politics, independent media, ecology“.

Another good source for documentary movie torrents is MVGroup. The site is a forum and thus a bit hard to navigate, though it still has an active userbase.

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