The 10 Best Websites To Swap Books, Movies, Games & CDs

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swap books movies gamesDo you have a ton of books sitting on your shelves? Would you like to get rid of them and make space for new books? With the websites introduced in this post you can swap your books movies, games and music CDs for stuff you really want.

Bookcrossing in this post refers to exchanging the books you have for books you want. However, there also is a website called BookCrossing that follows quite a different strategy. You sign up with BookCrossing, register the books you would like to give away, print the ID for each book, put it into the books and set them free in a public place. The lucky finder will eventually report your book using its ID and post a comment about how he liked it. Likewise, you may find a book that was registered at BookCrossing and share your feedback using its ID.

Now let’s look at the sites that allow you to swap items.

Title Trader

book exchangeThrough this website you can swap books, DVDs or CDs with people around the world.

To participate you sign up and create a list of the things you are offering. This procedure is quick and easy as the site supports ISBN numbers to identify items. Then you have to wait until someone is interested in one of your items.

Once someone has received an item you sent them, you receive a request credit which you can trade in for an item you want from somebody else. The service is free, but you cover the postage.

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There are two more ways you can earn request points. First of all you can purchase them. Secondly, you receive points for referring new, active members.


swap booksBookMooch works very much like TitleTrader, but it’s limited to books. It’s a multilingual, community-driven site that works based on a point system.

The site supports English, Deutsch, Espa√ɬĪol, Fran√ɬßais, Italiano, Japanese, and Portugu√ɬ™s and is available to anyone around the world. Points are earned by providing someone with the book they want and these points can be spent by requesting and receiving a book you want. The only fee you pay is the postage to send books.

Using the MoochBar browser toolbar (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, OmnniWeb) you can search books on Amazon and then see if they are available for trade on BookMooch.


This site allows to trade DVDs, CDs, video games and books. The mission is to reduce environmental waste, help those who need it most and support arts/culture and education.

Much like Title Trader and BookMooch, SwitchPlanet works based on a point or currency system and adds the community aspect. Users can create profiles, and join groups. Also, SwitchPlanet hopes to collect donations from its members. This money will be used to help needy families.

Textbook Revolt

textbooksTextbook Revolt is made for students around the world who cannot afford to buy new college textbooks all the time.

The limit is that you need a valid .edu address to register. However, if you are a student, would like to participate, but don’t have such an eMail address, you can contact the site owners and request to be added.

Other than that, Textbook Revolt works very similar to the sites described above. Through Twitter you can keep track of all new books listed or requested.

Read It Swap It & Swapz

swap itemsThis is a service for people from the UK to exchange books.

Books are swapped between two users, which eliminates the necessity of credits. If you find an item on someone’s list, you can ask them to swap with you. If there is nothing on your list they like, they can deny to swap with you and you’ll have to find somebody else to swap with.

Swapz is a similar page. It’s also limited to residents of the UK. However, you can exchange any item you have or want including collectibles, instruments, stamps or clothes.

Swaptree & PaperBack Swap

free itemsRecently, Wendy wrote about a site through which US residents can swap books, CDs, DVDs and video games for free.

Items are listed based on their ISBN numbers and users can add a short description. Like on Read It Swap It, users are matched for swapping an item.

trade stuffPaperBack Swap is a club for swapping books that is also limited to US residents.

The cool thing about this site is that books are sent using a wrap that contains all essential information, like address and sender details. The book can simply be wrapped into this printed piece of paper, which simplifies the packing and labeling process.

The advantage of sites limited to residents of a specific country is that postage costs remain predictable for all members.


book exchangeSwapAce allows you to swap, buy or sell items and meet members. The site supports any type of item, such as electronics, services and of course books.

Users can use the system to barter and negotiate for items or services. This makes the site extremely flexible.


borrow stuff

Finally, here is a page that makes anything possible.

Join neighBORROW hoods and trade items within these groups. They can be made up of strangers around the world or your personal neighbors, friends or students from your campus. You can borrow, lend, sell, buy or trade anything with whomever you like.

Are you familiar with any other good websites to swap books, movies and games? Remember the story of the guy that started swapping stuff online and ended up with a house? What was your best swap? Let us know in comments

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what, no goozex for game trading? very reliable for me and has a strong user base



Thanks for including UK websites :)



DON’T FORGET CLOTHES SWAPPING!!! is the Internet’s biggest clothes swapping website. More than 3,000 new items are added every week. There’s currently loads of fab stuff to swap… inc. a gorgeous pair of Louboutin peep toes, a Marc Jacobs trench coat and a Roberto Cavalli evening dress… all for FREE!!! Have a sneaky peek at:

Happy swapping! xxx

p.s. Oh, and the site is free to use. Yey!



Thanks for the extra input allcarvedup and andy!

The original focus of the article was “bookcrossing”. However, I also included sites that included other items besides books and then the title of my post was changed by the editor.

So due to the original focus I had in mind I did not include sites like goozex or Bigwardrope or SwapStyle or others that do not include books. But there will be other posts… :)



Why didn’t you list It’s a barter site with lots of items and even services and real estate. For FREE!


As I said previously, the focus was on books. I tried to keep the more general sites at a minimum. However, SwitchPlanet, SwapAce and Neighborrow appealed to me and made my list complete.


Graham Hadden is another free-to-use site for swapping books, CDs, DVDs, games and software. Titles can be exchanged internationally or locally, by post or by hand. This site has one eye on saving money and one eye on saving the environment. Try it.



Very cool list, but appears to be missing (a website I just discovered). This website allows users to list what they will lend things for (in essence rent out). It also has some type of coop function which I think is just groups, I don’t know but I think when I signed I found myself automatically added to ‘my neighboorhood’ coop…cool idea imho.


sorry apparently that link above didn’t work,try
gues I posted it dumb..



Another web site is This site is a variation of the point system. Each book posted has a value in points, not always equal to one. Not a huge selection of available titles at the moment but could easily join the other top names.



Paperback swap is changing to a paid membership mid-February, 2015. There are tiers of membership (or $0.49 per trade). I’m glad to see that there are other ships I can jump to on the 15th of February.

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